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Jul 27, 2023
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Has anyone had issues with the spring on the extractor blade on the bolt? I think mine has failed because it is having a problem ejecting.
Is it a new rifle to you or one that previously worked well? Sako 85s have a problem of ejecting at too high an angle and hitting scope with certain cartridges particularly 375 H&H
It has been a degenerative issue. It worked well and now is an issue. When the shell is being injected, it hits the top of the receiver at the very end of the casing. It is not getting fully removed before it ejects.
What is the caliber of this Sako 85?
I would check that the ejector blade that pushes through the bolt as you cycle the bolt backward has not been damaged in some fashion. If it has not, then throw an extractor parts kit at it and see where the chips fall.

Replace the spring and plunger first keeping the original extractor if it shows no signs of damage/wear. Should that not solve the problem then replace the extractor as well.

I wrap the bolt in a towel and put it in a vice, then use a small pick to push down the plunger and a micro electronics flat head screwdriver under the extractor to pry it out. It takes some time to wiggle it just right and get it to release. You may want to wrap the end of the bolt with a bag while you do this, or the parts may go flying. A pair of needle nose vice grips work to put the extractor back in easily. Put the extractor lip in between the serrations to not damage it.



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