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Here with some information on our sable hunt special for this year,

We have available several sable bulls on our hunting areas in the Northwest and Limpopo areas of south Africa, the hunting areas are large game fenced ranches, hunting method for rifle hunters will be walk and stalk and scouting by hunting vehicle. Bow hunters can choose to walk and stalk or hunt from blind/hide.

Included in the hunt,

Pick up and drop off at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg
Sable bull of good representative size
3 hunting days and 2 travel days for one hunter (extra days can be added at normal rates for other species)
Accommodation, meals and local drinks
Skinning and transport of trophies to taxidermist of your choosing


Cost of the hunt is ZAR50000 at the current exchange to the US$ of 13.25 that works out to $3773.5

All our pricing is in Rand but you can pay in USD or Euro, we work on the exchange when deposit is paid and the exchange on the last day of the hunt for the balance, the reason for our pricing in Rand is to allow our clients to make the best use of the exchange rate in their favor, note that the price you pay in USD might fluctuate slightly because of exchange

Here are a couple of links to hunt reports on AH from the last couple of seasons

Hunters are welcome to ad this hunt to an already booked hunt,

if there are any questions feel free to ask!

hope to see you in Africa soon!
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Awesome deal
Henry awesome deal. For anyone thinking about a Sable, do not hesitate to book this hunt. I have hunted with Henry twice and both hunts were outstanding
Hunted Sable with Henry last year. I decided on an older bull that had lots of character.

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Very fine offer indeed!
Creative offer....
I like it! I suspect that you will sell out quickly. Bruce
I also hunted with Henry twice and you won't go wrong with this deal!
Great offer. Absolutely on my hit list.
Thank you for all your kind words, looking forward to a busy season!
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I have had a few requests about this special for the 2018 season, yes we can offer this special for next year as well provided that a deposit is made this year to secure the booking,
Sorry for not replying sooner , keeping busy(y)

yes Hunters interested in this deal can add days or animals to it , no problem here below is all the extra plainsgame prices.
Same applies as mentioned above all is priced in Rand and exchange rate used is exchange on the day deposit is paid and balance on last day of the hunt. Feel free to shoot me a message for some references and any more detail questions on how we can make this deal work for your specific circumstances.

Exchange when writing this was around 13.10/1USD,

Day fees

ZAR3000 pppd 1x1 (one hunter / one professional hunter)
ZAR2500 pppd 2x1 (two hunters / one professional hunter)

ZAR1800 observer/day

Included in the price:

  • Services of a Professional Hunter, Trackers, Skinners, Cook & Camp Staff
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Accommodations
  • Three meals per day as well as refreshments
  • Local Beer, wine, cold drinks
  • Trophy field preparation and transportation to local Taxidermist
  • Hunting licenses and permits

Not included in the price:

  • Extra days not included in hunting package
  • Entry fees for game reserves on travel days
  • Extra travel costs outside of normal hunting activities


  • Baboon – R500(free if not exported)
  • Blue Wildebeest – R10000 > Female R4000
  • Black wildebeest – R12000
  • Burchell's Zebra – R10000
  • Bushbuck – R8000
  • Bushpig – R4000
  • Cape Eland – R25000 > Female R7500
  • Common Blesbok – R5000 > Female R1750
  • Common Nyala – R28000 (price may vary depending on area and availability)
  • Giraffe – R25000
  • Grey Duiker – R3000
  • Jackal – R500 (free if not exported)
  • Kalahari Gemsbok – R10000
  • Kalahari Springbuck -R5000
  • Ostrich – R3500
  • Red Hartebeest – R10000 > Female R4200
  • Ringed Waterbuck – R18000 > Female R6500
  • Southern Greater Kudu – R25000 (Kalahari area only Limpopo price may vary)
  • Southern Impala – R5000
  • Steenbok – R3000
  • Warthog – R3000 > Female R750
  • Scimitar Oryx – R35000
  • Tsesebe –R30000
  • Roan –R80000
Reads like a TOP deal; Sable are one of two plains game I'd love to hunt (the other is Kudu).....when I hunted SA a couple of years back ,Sable were quoted at 8 to 10 Gs US now if ....

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