Ruger M77 Hawkeye .264Win

I think this rifle is listed as an “African” because this is the Africahunting forum and the OP might be hoping for a sucker.
I own 3 M77 Hawkeye African models, a 6.5x55, .275 Rigby and a 9.3x62 and they don’t look anything like the rifle listed.
If only there was a way to backfeed their keyboards with a little 440!
That was too good to be true .I have two of those stainless ruger 77 in 264 mags and I wanted to buy it .That's about half price or less mine shoot cloverleaf with lapua bullets. one of mine is a paddlesrock which I hated so I changed the stock still super accurate .If you can find one under $1200 ,snag it super accurate long range rifle. I wanted to buy it for $800

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beautiful reel. do you have some room in the price? James