Ruger M77 G.S. Scout

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Jun 24, 2023
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Lightly used Ruger 77 G.S. Scout. In .308

Shown with scope and Flash hider installed. And then with Peep sight installed and the flash hider removed.

Handy little brush gun on a reliable action.

$750 shipped in the US. without the scope
The scope can be discussed
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There is a firearms training center with the initials of G.S. And for some reason using the full name is not permitted. Hopefully someone can explain it.
The .308 Scout rifle barrel is threaded with 5/8"-24 The rifle will come with the flash hider and the thread protector
The rifle with sight would be great for live fire with the hunter education course, too bad Washington State requires ownership of all firearms used for the live fire.
That's a fair price. I paid the same for mine about 10 years ago used.
Ray, so you can only practice with your own firearm.
The state has gone over the edge, guided by the risk management dept. It used to be following extensive training an instructor could 1. teach a class by him/herself; 2. use his own firearms for both in class instruction as well as in field live fire; 3. use his/her own ammunition; 4. after extensive training and following state procedures use hand loaded ammunition; and 5. demonstrate the burning characteristics of black and smokeless powders.

Now there needs to be at least two instructors on site at all times (to provide a witness of any instructor improprieties (the rule resulting from an instructor grabbing a child by the arm to prevent him from pointing a firearm at several classmates , the child got embarrassed and the mother demanded an apology from the state and the instructor- the state did so, the instructor resigned). We are no longer allowed to touch a student even if the student is not following directions and is about to injure him/herself by improperly pointing or holding a firearm, including firing the gun held loosely so that recoil will injure the student. We can use our own firearms for classroom instruction but have several inspections that need to be done before each session to confirm that it is safe. Dummy ammunition cannot be homemade until it has passed inspection by the department (holes drilled into the sides of brass, epoxied primer area, etc). Any firearm to be used with live fire must be owned by the state. I had A Daisy air rifle with scope valued at about $30 that I had to deed over to the state in order to use it when live fire was involved in those places where shooting actual firearms was prohibited (the EPA closed down the gun club because there was a chance that lead shot could get into a creek several hundred yards away). The only ammunition allowed is to be obtained through the department. No instructor purchased or really emphasized NO Handloaded ammunition is to be used. This eliminated the use of reduced loads so that young/small shooters could handle/fire a rifle suitable for big game without the blast & recoil of full loads. And finally we used to pour a bead of smokeless powder about two feet long onto a board, then at one end we would make a small pile of black powder. then with all the students placed about 10 yards away the instructor would light the end of the smokeless powder and step away. While the smokeless powder burnt he/she would explain that smokeless powder would only burn how it did when in the open and when contained in a cartridge the pressure would cause it to burn rapidly. About that time the stream of flame would get to the blackpowder and there would be a startling flash- to which the instructor recalled all the safety techniques involved with shooting a blackpowder firearm. It brought together the importance of the procedures.

Unfortunately risk management lawyers have once again pushed some valuable learning over the cliff in the name of protecting the students and instructors. Incidentally, When these measures went into effect there was a mass resignation (about 50%, 500 of about 1,000) of instructors (all of whom are unpaid volunteers),
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Is this the 16.10" barrel or the 18.7" ? It looks to be the 18. Does this have plastic bottom "metal" or alum/alloy?
It’s a 16” barrel and polymer bottom metal with metal magazine release and magazine

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