Ruger 375 H&H Houston For Sale

Hi there Tim! You said it has been shot a bit, how is the bore? I could be interested in the rifle and rings. Would like to see a picture of the fore stock, bbl, and front sight if possible. Thanks.
Damn... If it were only a .416 Taylor, I'd be all over it!

@tarbe, did you end up selling the 100,000 375 bullets? :)
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Ok, need to generate some cash for other things and I feel like it is going to be years before I can justify a trip that needs this rifle.

Currently has a Nikon African 1-4x mounted in low Ruger Matte rings...will sell with or without the scope.

Rifle has aftermarket safety that reduces chances of the brass catching on it ( ).

Nice wood...shot little.

I also have about 3,500 various bullets I will sell either with the rifle or separate (260 and 300 gr Partitions, 270gr Hornady RN, 250 gr Barnes TTSX, 250gr Hornady GMX and Lyman 375248 cast). Some of the Partitions are first and some are seconds. The Hornady are seconds but you'd never know it. Actuaslly, that's true of the Noslers as well.

$850 plus actual shipping/fees for the rifle. Extra $200 gets the Nikon with it.

Buyer of rifle gets first dibs on scope and bullets. Have some brass too.

Noslers will go for $0.50 each plus shipping. Hornady for $0.30 each plus shipping. Barnes are $0.80 each plus shipping. GMX are $0.70 each plus shipping and Lyman cast are $0.25 each plus shipping.

No bullets sell until the rifle is gone and the buyer has passed on the bullets. Ditto the scope.

Let me know if you need additional pictures.

Thanks for looking,

Do you still have this rifle. I’m in Willis
Too funny, started “liking” the early posts until I saw the 2015 date!

Nice rifle!

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