Ruger 375 H&H Houston For Sale

OK Tim, the only reason I have not jumped all over this is that it is a single shot. I need a 375 or larger but I really want a bolt gun. Darn it is tempting though! Nice rifle. Come on AH members buy this thing!

I am never going to get that 404 Jeffrey if somebody doesn't buy this rifle and these bullets! My accountant (Kathy) is a terror!

I just spent a wad on a safari, and I am going to spend another wad on taxidermy and shipping. She is not going to give me any wiggle room!

If I don't get the 404, I can't become a big boy and post in Matt's Big Bore Thread, because everyone knows a .375 is a medium bore! ;)

So, come on...can somebody help a bother out here????

You're making me beg....and driving me to drink. :D Booze::D Barman:

:A Stirring:
Tarbe understand I had a pair of ruger RMS 375 and 416 Rigby and just got the 375 actio0n back from Pac-nor and the re-barreled it to a 404. I just also spent a bunch on safari and will have a nice taxidermy bill (However my accountant shot more than me this time). No if you happen to own a TC encore I could be persuaded into trading a 416 Rigby barrel and set of dies for some bullets? and you can wade into the big bore group but I warn you that the 416 is just the entry, then a 404 and 458 and 510 and 12 bore then 8bore well you get the idea Some one give the man a hand with the med rifle, would be cool to see Tarbe's rifle get handed down to several guys in a row to start their migrate up the big bore ladder:sneaky:
Man I wish I could help you out but I have a 375 already and a 416. I also have a big safari bill myself and starting to try and save for another. I can't imagine that this wont sell, somebody should jump on it.
just got the 375 actio0n back from Pac-nor and the re-barreled it to a 404.
Ok I need pics and details ASAP... Do we have a 404 thread someplace or does this need to go over to the big bore thread? Or do we need to start one?

Sorry Tim, I've already got 3 375's.... But may just need a 404!
Pictures I will have to take. They will rebarrel a #1. Mine is a Ruger RMS 77 bolt action the cost was $ 600ish once you include shipping. They did a great job. I had it shipped back to me in the white so I can add the NEGG sights I want on it and still haven't decided if I am going to slow rust blue of have it cerakoted... If my memory serves me I can include a url link to a vendor but not a different fourm so I am going to put a link to Pac-nors page give them a call they are very helpful. Also the turn around time was right around 90 days.
Actionbob I will start a thread in the big bore fourm when I get ready to start on the work. I am currently restocking a #1 in 7x57 international. The 404 is my next project.
Tim, How old is it? How did it shoot?
Tim, How old is it? How did it shoot?

Per the serial number (134-34645) and the Ruger website, the rifle was produced in 2011.

I purchased this rifle on impulse a week after I bought my Boddington Kudu. You can imagine the questions my wife had about that!

A fellow on AR was selling it in barely used condition, it was beautiful, and I had regretted ever selling my previous No 1 in .375. So very much the impulse buy. I don't recall what I paid, but for sure it was under $1,000. I think around $900.

I knew the Boddington Kudu would be getting all the attention for at least a year, getting ready for the hunt with Loodt. But I planned on this 375 being in the wings for the (hopefully) second safari which would be for Cape Buffalo.

Now, I am pretty sure I'd be willing to hunt buff with the No 1, but as I have said earlier, I have a bad case of wanting a 404 Jeff (always wanting to play with something new) and there really is no need for me to have a 375 and a 404. I am not Action Bob!

As for how it shoots...I have a total of about 10 rounds through this rifle! I loaded up some 260 grain Partitions and zeroed the Nikon scope that was on it...and that is it!

photo (58).JPG
photo (59).JPG
photo (60).JPG
photo (60).JPG
Royal has infected my brain with an idea.

Maybe I just re-barrel this rifle to 404 Jeffrey?

:E Big Grin::E Big Grin::E Big Grin: :A Outta:
Royal has infected my brain with an idea.

Maybe I just re-barrel this rifle to 404 Jeffrey?


That is what I would do! Was going to suggest it yesterday, but seems you beat me to it:sleep::sleep:
I have not been on a DG hunt but having a few Mates in the industry and seeing all the video clips, generally you would be very lucky to end up in a charge down situation. Your first shot will always be made from a safe distance and likely your second too.
Make them count!! :P Elmer Fudd:
Sounds like a great idea to me! Tim you apparently shoot those things like laser beams anyway :W Laser::W Sharp Shooter:

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