Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22lr Stainless/Synthetic For Sale


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Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22lr Stainless/Synthetic For Sale $400 and insured shipping to the lower 48 is included. Beyond that the buyer pays the difference. I accept most forms of payment including PayPal Friend (preferred), cashier’s check or personal check. When Payment clears, I will ship the rifle to your FFL. Send me a PM to discuss and exchange information.

22lr with 18.5” Barrel and Weaver Scope Base
Breakdown length is 20.5” at the longest point
Rear “V” notch rear sight adjustable for elevation
Front brass bead front sight adjustable for windage
1 Ruger 10/22 10 round magazine
Ruger branded carry case and strap
BSA “.22 Special” Scope and 1” Rings Included

I bought this rifle new with the intention of using it for motorcycle/camping trips. What it turned into is a good varmint control gun but it got a little banged around in the process. There are some minor handling/scuff marks on the stock but no gouges. Total round count is below 100, because it spent a lot of time sitting in the corner. I’ll admit the scope isn’t the best, but it does work and held zero despite the abuse. Even if you don’t want the scope, it comes with 1” rings that you could use.

This would make a good first rifle for a young shooter or a nice travel companion on just about any trip away from home. The stainless steel barrel, aluminum receiver and synthetic stock make it a good all weather gun as well. Not to mention that it’s a Ruger 10/22 and the aftermarket abounds for these rifles. Feel free to ask any questions and thank you for looking.
Price reduced to $300 and buyer pays UPS shipping.
I’ll take it. PM inbound.
Dang, reviving a 6 month old for sale add and it’s still available. Now how do we justify yelling at the folks to bring back threads from the dead? :ROFLMAO:
I would recommend contacting them in private. That way if it isn’t available no harm done. And all so you don’t have a guy trying to jump in front of you to steal it if it is still available. Exactly what’s going on above.
I would recommend contacting them in private. That way if it isn’t available no harm done. And all so you don’t have a guy trying to jump in front of you to steal it if it is still available. Exactly what’s going on above.
That is exactly wrong and not how I operate. There are two individuals who would like to purchase the rifle and PM’s have been sent to them. First one with the money to me gets it. It’s that simple.

I’m not playing one against the other or any other BS. Same price for everyone. If there is any question as to the kind of person I am, I suggest you make an inquiry to anyone I’ve bought or sold to on AH.
Sorry I offended you. But my comment wasn’t aimed at you.
I understood what you were saying. If an interested buyer contacts the seller via PM, it A) doesn’t revive an old thread and B) allows the interested party to communicate and work through details without the possible pressure of agreeing to buy an item before conducting their level of due-diligence.

I agree
Just to clear things up because I don’t like things messy…I have spoken with both interested parties and come to an agreement.

@RKingsJr was first and I believe it will be sold to him shortly. In the event that the sale falls through, @rnovi will be next.

As always, thank you for looking.
Sold to @RKingsJr.

Although he's a new member, he's a standup guy and I'd do business with him again without hesitation.

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