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38% of vote is counted at this time. ANC is leading most provinces, yet their overall support is projected to drop to 42%. Their votes are counted locally where the ballots are cast. According to News24, leading news source of RSA. Hoping they get a better government and turn around.
Agreed, this election is quite complicated for us. The biggest risk is if the ANC has to form a coalition with a more radical party like the EFF or MK, that is the worst case scenario. Best case, the ANC misses the majority with a little and just corrupts a small party to obtain majority/control. Only 20% of votes have been counted, ANC is at leading with 43%.
Went into a polling station last night with the PH, a very rural station in the Eastern Cape adjacent to the Nick Bowker concession. The school room where the polling was taking place had lost power and they were manually checking the polling list. None of the trackers voted, complete apathy.
The biggest fear of my host was a coalition of ANC and EFF, a doomsday scenario to quote from him.
33% unemployment. 270 days of load shedding. 75 murders a day, the rand is worth 5 U.S. cents. How much worse can it get?
33% unemployment. 270 days of load shedding. 75 murders a day, the rand is worth 5 U.S. cents. How much worse can it get?
You live in the US and have no idea, think Zim...

ANC 42% with 66% counted, it is not looking great, we were hoping for ~48%. MK (Zuma) at 11% and EFF (Malema) at 9%. DA is at 23%, however this is meaningless unless they can form a coalition with the ANC. There are 400 seats/votes in parlement and the president has to be elected by a simple majority, i.e. 201 votes.
About 68% counted. Validation begins. ANC has less than 42% support, drop of 15%. Democratic Alliance of 23% , MK 12, and EFF 10. Limpopo province carried with 75% support for ANC. ANC party official says no matter the alliance it will put the country first. This is from News24 the South African news source. WOW.
Scary stuff...

Assume those numbers stay the same.. the easiest path to 51% is ANC/EFF.. I'd imagine ANC would have to give up a lot less to get 10% out of EFF than they would to get DA on board with their 23%... Although 42+23 = a very hefty majority where IF they could work out their differences and come to an agreement.. they should be able to get just about anything they want passed and SHOULD be able to govern relatively efficiently..

Hopefully the ANC will choose the right path when it comes to forming their coalition... otherwise I agree with @RockSlinger404 .. this sort of thing could put RSA on a path to Zim level destruction..
This is a very important election; we are watching it very closely!

Happy hunting - Daniel
I found this website yesterday while looking for election results. IEC Election Results Portal You can keep up with totals and look at results by region. Hope ANC and DA can form a coalition.
I agree. As bad as things were/are, it can, and I'm afraid will, get worse. Things were confused but I don't see any promise that any of the contenders becoming involved in a coalition will do anything but add more instability. Fortunately, the military and police are such a joke I don't see how they can be much of a factor. Personally, I think the ANC made sure both became ineffectual to protect against any threat of a coup.
I got an update from a friend in the Northwest province and he didn’t sound too down about the results so far.
Only about 33% turnout in the election though. A little over 9 million votes cast out of 27 million registered voters.
I’ve been trying to follow this story, does the removal of anc as the majority increase the possibility for land grabbing?
Does the current state of RSA allow vote counts to be official, or will the ANC pull off a stunt to get a majority?

And please, no American rigged election bs please. This thread has nothing to do with your elections.
33% unemployment. 270 days of load shedding. 75 murders a day, the rand is worth 5 U.S. cents. How much worse can it get?

Tempting "Murphy's Law"?.
Oh, How Naive of you.


80+% unemployment
175+ average murders a day.
The Rand is worth .01 U.S. cents.
Load shedding, load shedding, no more load shedding every area is limited to two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.

Got to allow for "wiggle room" should anyone be stupid enough to challenge "Murphy's Law" again.
Saw it somewhere, one set of thieves exchanged for another set of thieves. Compares to the U.S. elections.

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