RSA PH Chris Troskie to speak at DWWC meeting next Thursday

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    Next Thursday, Chris will be making a presentation at the monthly dinner meeting of the Dallas Woods and Waters Club - see link
    Meetings - Dallas Woods and Waters Club, Dallas, Texas
    Handsome devil, eh?

    Anyhow, any forum members in the Dallas area are invited to attend and meet Chris if you like.

    Jim Shepherd, one of our DWWC members returned just last week from his first safari with Chris where he took an impala and Cape buffalo his first day. He followed that up with a very nice red hartebeest, warthog, and Kudu. Jim used a .375 H&H and will contribute his story of his one shot kill on his buff using a 380 grain Rhino bullet and on his success with the new Grizzly Cartridge ammo loaded with North Fork soft points.
    Come join us for some good food and hunting stories.

    NRA Patron, TSRA, Whittington Center, DWWC.

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