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Oct 8, 2015
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Many of us have been watching the posts by @HUNTROMANIA with great interest. The owner, Marius, has teased us with pictures of incredible trophies and attractive offers. My willpower tested to its limits, I took Marius up on his offer for a red stag hunt with no trophy fee. As Romania is a new adventure for most of us, I am going to take a different approach to this post and try to create an understanding of what to expect if your willpower is also tested beyond the breaking point.


I used Jennifer at @TRAVEL EXPRESS for my flights. As usual, Jennifer did a great job, selecting Turkish Air for cost, gun-friendliness, and connections through to Cluj. My route was Atlanta, Istanbul, Cluj. I arrived very early and actually had to wait an hour for the counter to open. The agent claimed that my gun was not in their system and had me stand to the side for an hour while they checked in everyone else on the flight. At that point, the supervisor was engaged, he immediately showed the agent where my gun was in the system (thank you Jennifer), and I was checked in without any apology from the agent. I should add that these are contract employees in Atlanta, not TA employees.

The flights were on-time, and if anything, I would say that they were somewhat more comfortable and better serviced than Delta flights. However, as a Diamond/million miler on Delta, I did miss the perks that come with that status!


The Istanbul airport was a pleasant surprise. I'm not sure what I expected, but it is one of the most impressive airports I have traveled. through.



It was in Istanbul that I received a note from Marius indicating that there was a problem with my Romanian gun permit. Something went sideways in Bucharest, and none of the gun permits were issued for his hunters traveling with their own guns. The police in Cluj were very polite, but also very firm, that my gun was not leaving their office without the permit in hand. So, my Rigby Highland Stalker in 9.3x62 spent the hunt locked in the police offices in the Cluj airport. Two hunters from Michigan suffered the same fate.

Marius was able to scramble and secure weapons for everyone. The weapon I was loaned was a Blaser R8 in .30-06 topped with a Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x56.

An important note on firearms, there is no real opportunity to check the zero on your rifle or a borrowed rifle. It took a day and a half of asking before I was actually able to dry fire the Blaser so that I at least knew how the trigger broke. This was likely due to communication challenges between my guide, Cosine, and myself, as he speaks very little English and I speak no Romanian! If this causes you concern, I recommend a direct conversation with Marius up-front. It is not something that I would have thought to discuss.

My firearm fiasco may have been a blessing in disguise. My rifle is topped with a Z6 1.7-10x42. While a great scope, there are no hunting hours in Romania, and if you can see, you can shoot. The scope on the loaner rifle allowed me to harvest my stag under lighting conditions that may have made the shot impossible with the scope on my rifle.


We were hunting on the Hungarian border near the town of Oradea. We stayed in the Pensiunea Noblesse, a very comfortable hotel with a great restaurant. The staff were outstanding and the food was really quite good. The drive to the hunting area was 30 to 45 minutes. A typical day began with a cup of coffee and 5 AM departure. The return from the morning hunt was typically 10 or 10:30 at which time we had a large breakfast. A mid-day nap followed by a 3 PM lunch and we were off again for the evening hunt at 4 or 5. Returning at 10PM for dinner, we grabbed a few hours sleep and started over.

On a side note, Oradea is a beautiful town built around a crystal clear river teeming with trout. A visit to the historic downtown is definitely worth the time.




We were hunting in the roar. Morning hunts we tended to be in wooded hills cut by hay meadows in the valleys. Evening hunts were in agricultural fields bordered by swamp and forest. The stags were extremely active at first and last light. We hunted by calling and moving into position to try to ambush them. The number and quality of stags has to be seen to be believed. Seven stags were harvested during our stay. The pictures speak for themselves.


To be continued...
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There were four hunters from the US, two from Michigan, @Hookboy88 from NC, and myself from Alabama. These are the stags the four of us took. It was amazing to me to see 100% success on stags of this quality. Cosmine, my guide (autocorrected to cosine above), told me that they had been 100% for several years. We jokingly called Cosmine the stag whisperer. His call using a conch shell was incredible. More importantly, he knew when to call and had a sixth sense about the stags movements. The morning I took mine we were in a small meadow in the hills. We had three stags roaring, two in front, one in the rear. He pointed to the stag to the front and downhill and said 'he come'. Sure enough, that stag walked right into the meadow.


A number of roe deer and one fallow stag were also harvested on this hunt. Wild boar was a possibility but none were harvested. The area is rich with game. The numbers of pheasant, quail and waterfowl were impressive. The bird season opens in October. The roe rut is July/August and the fallow rut is October.

Here is a summary of my thoughts:

Marius is a true gentleman and a real professional. He runs a great operation.
Game numbers and quality are impressive beyond belief. The stag I harvested far exceeded my expectations.
Accommodations are very good and the food is excellent.
The price of these hunts is very attractive.
Romania is stunningly beautiful, safe and the people are very friendly.

The gun permitting issue was a serious problem. I do not believe that this was Marius' fault in any way, but it really causes me wonder if I would try to bring a weapon to Romania again. I understand that in years of operation, this was the first instance of this problem.
The guides speak little or no English. Communication when on a stag can be particularly difficult.
Great choice for report style.
Congratulations @WAB ! That’s a wonderful stag, and good pointers on what to expect.

(Note to self: google translate app and some Romanian lessons).

Congrats on your hunt!

How will you manage the trophy shipping?
Will you be able to take it with you, same flight, or will be shipped by third party?
In case you decided for shoulder mount, will you use local taxidermist in Romania, or you will proceed with dip and ship, and make taxidermy in the states?
Thanks guys. I should have made it clear that I highly recommend HunRomania. I will add some photos of the countryside when I get home. Suffice to say, it is beautiful.

Congrats on your hunt!

How will you manage the trophy shipping?
Will you be able to take it with you, same flight, or will be shipped by third party?
In case you decided for shoulder mount, will you use local taxidermist in Romania, or you will proceed with dip and ship, and make taxidermy in the states?

I was tempted to try to bring it with me as it is already boiled out. However, Marius is going to ship it to me. I will use coppersmith as my import agent.
Thanks! I wish you a smooth shipping!
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Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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Congratulations on your success. Great report, thanks for sharing.
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Sounds great
I jave hunted a few stags in scotland and in southern poland and northern poland
None in the rut though. I do believe it must be a great hunt in the rut
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Great report. Great trophy. Congratulations and thank you. I have been interested in this hunt and it’s great to get first hand experiences.
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Wow, big ole deer!!!
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I'm adding a few more photos to the report to give you a better idea of the terrain. One other thing that came to mind, I have previously hunted red deer in Scotland and Ireland. The Romanian Red Stag is much larger than anything I have seen in these areas. The stag I harvested likely had the largest body of the bunch, but they were all big. It was more the size of a bull elk than what I have seen of red deer previously. The impression of the group was that they are much tougher than elk. I was intending to shoot my 9.3x62, and I would not have felt over-gunned with it. The .30-06 I borrowed was definitely on the light side. I would think that an 8x68, .325, .338, and yes Bob a 35 Whelen would be the right class of cartridge for this animal.

Oh, and I hope you guys in the Blaser crowd enjoyed finally seeing me using one! I have to admit that I was very impressed. There may be an 8x68 in my future!
Thanks for the report!
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Congrats on a great hunt, and thanks for sharing.

Yes, those eastern european stags can be very big !
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Congratulations on an exciting and rewarding hunt! This hunt is really interesting to me. I might have to get this into my future safari plans.
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