ROMANIA: Roebuck & touring 2022

Hunted Red Stag with Horia several years ago and like you, we had a great time, both with the hunt itself and the sightseeing. Going up into the Carpathian Mountains to hunt was like stepping back in time 200 years.

We had something of a learning curve to get the trophy back, but I think he has that figured out by now.
Truly a blend of old world and new world. Loved it
How's the swine flu affected the boar there ?
I am from Romania.
A stupid country for hunting(they want now ban all hunting because of the ONG animal abuse)
African swine fever killed almost all boar in the country, in most of the hunting areas in the country they went extinct....
Before this, a hunting team of 30 hunters could hunt more than 5 boars on a hunting day driven hunt...
Now you do one week driven hunt and you dont find one single boar...
But the yearly hunting fee is increasing every year...
20 years ago, 30 hunters shot 2-3 hares or pheasant for each hunter on a full day, now if you go 15 hunters and all shoot of total of 15 pheasant a day it s a good day...
Hares almost go extinct, you see the entire day one single rabbit..
Reloading is forbbiden, you go to jail, so reloading components are nonexistant here... (5 years jail)
Stupid gun laws, shooting ranges only 100m long, if you shoot at a target on the hunting Field or only in the air at no game, you go to jail(1-5 years jail)
Only 0.3% of the population have firearms, much smaller number are hunters...
Even if you shoot a airgun(all airguns are licensed with firearms certificate) NOT at a shooting range you go to jail(1-3 years), all airguns are limited less 220m/s that like 16-20J toys...(they treat them as firearms)
Hunting pigeon, crows etc with airguns is forbbiden (3 years jail)
22LR is banned in the country(jail)
Silencers are banned. (jail)
All semiauto rifles or shotgun are limited to 2+1 capacity...

Of all rifles, 75% are 30 06, the rest 7x64, 308win, 300 win mag, 8x57 JS, 9.3x62, 270win, 223 rem, 243win, so ammo is also not divesifed...
Only about 10 people have here 375h&h or larger..(i wanted one after reading this forum, and after watching many videos on youtube)
I own a Zkk602 375h&h, that i went in italy after it, only ammo i can get in Ro is the 300gr norma oryx or 300gr rws uni...
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CalinRO: That's sad to hear about the potential for a hunting ban, as I and others have enjoyed hunting there. I would be interested in learning more about this; perhaps you could start a thread in the "Hunting Europe" sub-forum located elsewhere on this site.

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made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!
made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!
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Well, sir, I am mighty impressed with the quality of the shell cordovan belt. I have several pairs of shoes that are shell cordovan, but had balked at paying over half that price for just a belt. Wouldn't be surprised if this belt doesn't last the rest of my life--for its color application. It sure is a universe removed from the cheaply constructed yet expensive stuff being put out there. Worth the price I paid.
getting ready for a 5 day sable hunt!
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Norma 404 Brass. A personal check is good and will clear in one day when I electronically deposit.
Thank You