ROMANIA: Roe Deer Hunt In Romania With HUNTROMANIA (May 2022)


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Apr 4, 2022
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South Africa, Texas, Argentina, Romania, Italy
Country: Romania
Dates: 12MAY-15MAY 2022
Type of Hunt: Roe Deer
Method of Hunting: Rifle (Rented PH's Blaser R-8, .243)
PH: Marius Merutiu
Locations Hunted: Approximately 1.5 hours outside of Cluj-Napoca, around town of Bistrita
Species Hunted: Roe Deer (and a fox as a bonus)
Species Seen: Dozen to two dozen roe deer (bucks and does) per day. Red deer. Pheasant (beautiful) and fox.
Lodging: Local Hotels
Food: Local Hotel Restaurant Food
Travel Methods: Internal Flight within Romania (Tarom airlines) and PH drove me in his vehicles
Would Recommend to a Friend? YES

This trip was an add on to business in country, so it was quick and one Roe buck was going to be fine with me but things went better than expected. I arrived on a Thursday night to the Cluj airport where Marius picked me up. Using texts and email to coordinate things with Marius thus far was not a problem in Romania. We stayed in a local hotel/motel that was more than adequate. 4AM Friday morning wakeup for an approximately 25 minute drive to meet up with a local guide. The hunting each day would be from about 530am-930am, then back to the hotel to rest up if you want, and hunt again in the evening from 530pm to 930pm. We switched hotels one time, on the second day.

We drove around in the cab of a truck, spotted game and would then stalk on foot if necessary. On two occasions we did lay up waiting for Roe Deer, which we saw, but did not take them due to their smaller size. He had shooting sticks for me which I did use.

First Roe Buck I took was on Saturday morning. We crested a hill in the truck and spotted one buck with two doe grazing in a field. I took an approximately 150 yard shot at the buck who was quartering towards us slightly. (Note to self: Dry fire rented guns before firing. I had gotten familiar with the Blaser R-8 I was renting but forgot to dry fire. The lighter trigger pull surprised me. I had applied the fundamentals and didn't touch the trigger until ready, thank God. One shot, one dead Roe Buck). The shot was through shoulder to the vitals.

Second Roe Buck was a thrill. We took this one Saturday evening, near end of last light. We surprised three deer in a meadow of flowers, one buck with two does. I exited the cab and set up on the sticks. "Shoot the one on the far right, the far right" Marius said. When I say near last light, really near. I counted from left to right three times, three deer total, that had to be him. I could see it was the buck. "Bham", he disappeared into the tall flowers in the meadow but I couldnt see if he dropped, ran off or what. Marius had thermal and located him about 20 yards farther away from where I had shot him. The deer was barely showing up on thermal, very small register, and appeared to be trying to climb a hill away from us. Turns out he had run, fell into dip in the land, kind of hiding behind a berm. That is why the thermal could barely pick him up. We drove nearer, then found him on foot very quickly. He had expired. One shot, one dead Roe Buck. The shot was through the shoulder, somewhat hit the vitals but not square on as he was quartering away from us this time.

I also got a fox as a target of opportunity. We saw quite a few and the many farms in the area have to guard against them. Therefore, one that simply was not smart enough to run away is no longer a threat to the local livestock.

I returned with first deer's skull and antlers, ready for Euro mount plaque. The second Marius caped for me and he is getting the skin tanned (it was a beautiful skin, so a keeper), and has the skull and antlers. Once ready, we will figure out how to get to me, or I get on next trip to Europe possibly.

Even though exhausted one day, I skipped the rest period mid-day and took Marius up on his offer to see a local lake area (Lake Colibita), the Hotel Dracula, etc... I am glad I did.

Totally recommend hunting in Romania, and second that for HuntRomania. I found this oufitter via AH and spoke with one member offline, so thanks to the AH community for that. Anyone seeking more information can contact me anytime. There are other details to get up to speed on if you go, Romanian hunting license (just provide form 4457), internal flights, etc... Cheers gents

Roe Deer I.jpg
1st Roe Deer Shot.jpeg
Roe deer II.jpg
2nd Roe Deer Shot.jpeg
1st Roe Deer - Field.jpeg
2nd hotel.jpeg
One Deer - Field.jpeg
Town from Hillside.jpeg
Hotel Dracula.jpeg
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Outstanding. Thank you for sharing. This hunt is definitely on my bucket list.
Thanks for report. I really enjoy hunting roe bucks, but haven’t hunted Romania yet.
Thanks for report. I really enjoy hunting roe bucks, but haven’t hunted Romania yet.

I have a feeling you will remedy that!
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Congratulations on a successful hunt, thanks for the report.
Thanks for the report. I am considering going in a couple of years time.
Did the war in Ukraine have any effect on your your trip? If so, how??
Did the war in Ukraine have any effect on your your trip? If so, how??
No it did not. I saw some Ukrainian refugees panhandling but not many. I knew they were Ukranian as they would hold out their passport to show you. Honestly, I hear more about the war here in the US than I did there. Of course it is somewhat close, but I wouldnt let it effect any plans one has to hunt there, just me. Cheers
Congrats, and thanks for sharing !
Good reading. I just finished a hunt with Marius as well. I was properly confused when I was to post my report and there was already one with "my" headline :) Anyhow, if you want to read mine as well, it´s here:

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Good reading. I just finished a hunt with Marius as well. I was properly confused when I was to post my report and there was already one with "my" headline :) Anyhow, if you want to read mine as well, it´s here:

Fredrik - Yes, I read your report now. Great stuff man. Marius does not disappoint. Happy you had a good time and great report. Cheers!

I thought I would post the bookend of the hunt since I have had several offline inquiries. Yes, I got everything home and here is on the wall of the study. I have had them home quite awhile actually. The pedestal mount is from the Romanian hunt with Marius. The bottom photo has the Romanian roe deer in the middle. The other two roe deer on the side were taken on a hunt in Italy (which I posted at the time). Both great experiences and hell yes, go with Marius 100% (and the Italian outfitters Italian Safari too). You only live once and we aint gettin any younger. Cheers

Very nice! I only did skull mounts on my trophies (only kept 2 of the 4 I shot) as I´m deperately running out of wall space for trophies...
Hope to be there mid oct.

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