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Jan 7, 2020
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My wife, Lynda, and I had booked a hunt with an outfitter in Romania, but after covid, his business seemed to fall apart. He wouldn't answer our emails and we ended up canceling our hunt with him without a refund.

Based on the reviews on this website we contacted Marius who owns HuntRomania and booked a hunt. Marius was unhappy that Romanian hunting would get a bad name because of our bad experience with the first outfitter and he really went out of his way to provide us with a wonderful experience.
Even though we were only about 6 weeks from our previously scheduled hunt dates, for which we had already bought our airline tickets and had scheduled hotels for site seeing prior to our hunt, Marius made a plan for us to be able to hunt Chamois and if successful to hunt Red Stag. He called us and emailed us regularly throughout our hunt to make sure things were to our liking.

My wife and I have had the privilege to hunt with many outfitters in many places around the world and have had many great outfitters but Marius ranks with the very best for how he conducts his business!!! He gave us the address of the hotel he had booked for us and then arranged for our guide to meet me there the following morning to start the hunt.

Chamois was the primary focus and since my wife isn't into climbing steep mountains she wasn't going to hunt with us for the Chamois. The hotel was very nice and the town, [Baile Olanesti], was quiet and safe so my wife was looking forward to some relaxation after 9 days of busy site seeing. Cristi, our guide, met me the next morning, and after filling out paperwork for licenses and the permit for me to use his firearm we were off.
Cristi had a very nice Mauser in 300 Win. Mag. with a Zeiss scope. He explained the chamois would be in the forests on the steep mountainsides and that we would still-hunt up the mountain. Shortly after 8am Cristi spotted a good chamois straight uphill from us. The slope was so steep that I couldn't shoot from where we were so we dropped to our knees and scrambled/clawed our way up to a large boulder that was only a few yards away. Cristi had to put his shoulder against my backside to keep me from sliding down the mountain when I raised up over the boulder to shoot. The shot was true and at 8:06 I already had a nice chamois! We were back to the hotel by 10am and spent a relaxing remainder of the day just enjoying the accommodations, hotel restaurant, and walking around town.

Well, now it was my wife's turn! Marius had us hunting in this area because chamois was the primary focus of our hunt but that also meant that red stag would be hunted in very steep terrain. Even though this was not what my wife hoped for, she was a trooper and worked hard at it for 3 days. Cristi and our other guide, John, did everything they could to help Lynda on steep terrain. It really was nice to have guides who stuck to our pace and never showed impatience even though I'm sure they wanted to cover more ground! Early afternoon of day three my wife rebounded from a miss in the morning and made a perfect 200 yard shot on a nice stag. There definitely are bigger stags in those mountains but this stag capped three days of hard hunting for my wife and I couldn't have been more proud of her!

Romania Recap: What a beautiful country! We thoroughly enjoyed its culture, cities, castles, cathedrals, churches, and countryside. Oh, and it's hunting! It is a relatively inexpensive country to visit and hunting was reasonably priced as well.

Marius seems to have an excellent program for hunting around the country. Our guides were both rangers, [gamekeepers/foresters], who grew up and live in the area they hunt. I think that is a huge advantage. There were times where we had hiked many miles over multiple mountain ridges always with the thought in the back of our minds that we would have to retrace all those steps, but then we'd drop down off a ridge to a track or road and there would be a car to pick us up. They know the people in the area and that really helps.
We highly recommend Marius and @HUNTROMANIA and the country of Romania.

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Nice to hear a positive result.
Congratulations on a successful outcome.
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Congrats for a good experience !
Congratulations, that chamois is beautiful!
Awesome hunt. Thanks for the report.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
Very nice animals. Glad you two had an enjoyable hunt

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