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I don’t know where to even start with this report. I’ll try at the very beginning, about two years ago Horia Spandu (Born Wild) posted a Romanian Roe buck hunt offer here on AH. About the only thing I knew about Romania was that it is an Eastern European country and it was part of the former Soviet bloc. I have quite a bit of experience with Russian people and my first thought was that it would be like Russia. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is nothing like Russia.

Romania is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and amazing place I’ve ever been. If someone has ever thought of going, you must put all preconceived notions aside and be prepared for an incredible experience. Romania is extremely friendly and safe. The people are very warm and hospitable. They are not used to seeing Americans and you will surely be the topic of conversation anywhere you go. They are very curious about you and the only knowledge of Americans is what they have seen on T.V.

I was amazed to see that about half of the Police in the country don’t carry guns, not because they can’t, but because they say they don’t need to as violence is unheard of. As those of you that know me know I am a Police officer here in Texas and it was completely amazing to see Policeman, unarmed, and extremely relaxed. Everyone told me that to be a Policeman there was about the most gravy train job one can get. The days of corruption in the Police there are long gone and there is just an overwhelming sense of laxity in the air.

Romania is a very wild place which is odd to wrap your head around considering it is a European country. The amount and quality of game is second to none. I’ve never seen a place that has such a large population of game of which is of top notch quality. Poaching is nonexistent as a whole and all of the game is very relaxed which makes for extremely fun and successful stalking. Romanian big game includes Roe buck, Fallow, European Brown Bear, Chamois, Boar, wolf, and Red Stag. All hunting is completely wild and free range. There are no game farms or fences here. Come to think of it there aren’t even any cattle fences as the livestock is herded on foot every day to graving grounds. All animals are free range and native to the area. There are no exotic species. Small game includes but is not limited to hare, pheasant, quail, partridge, and waterfowl.

To hunt in Romania is very simple; you just need your hunting license from the US and a cheap temporary hunting insurance policy which can be obtained there. Mine cost $50. While I used my outfitters guns for the trip, bringing your own is simple and getting a temporary gun permit takes about 10 minutes at the airport (I did research on it while there so I can bring mine for the next trip). All you need is an invitation letter from the outfitter and a 4457. That’s it. It is also free from my understanding and the only cost associated would be the oversized baggage fee charged by the airlines. From what I understood you can bring 100 rounds of rifle ammo and I believe 300 rounds of shotgun ammo.

Like I said I used Horia and Alein’s guns which were new, in good order, with good optics, and were Winchester and Savage makes. They were sighted in well and shot very nice. One thing of note is you may want to bring your own shooting sticks as Romanians shoot off hand, and are very good out to 180 meters at it.

Romanian hunting culture is quite unique and different from what I am used to. It was great to experience a different culture of hunters and I very much enjoyed their traditions. They aren’t judgmental of our customs and traditions but I enjoyed getting involved in their traditions of which they were more than happy to teach and involve me in. I will get more into this as I go on but I’m just wanting to give some background info above.

Nice, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next installment and more pics!
Gizmo...keep it coming...:A Thumbs Up:
A good start to what has to be a good story. Thanks and looking for the next chapter.
Ok so the trip getting there was horrible thanks to the inefficiency of good Ole American Airlines. I was ready to drop kick the CEO of American right in the bean bag. The first leg of the journey went to hell in a handbasket right off the bat. We get checked in and we have a flight to DFW, then on to London, and finally to Bucharest. We arrived the usual two hours early to the airport which gave us about an hour before boarding. Time comes and we board. Now we have three hours once we get to DFW to get to the gate and eat some lunch. We get settled in and ready for the quick flight to DFW. The captain fires the engines up in the brand new shinny plane and starts doing basic function checks. After thirty min he comes on the PA and says there’s some type of computer glitch but “not to worry, just waiting on permission to disregard and go on”. Another 20 min with no air-conditioning and then he says, “This plane isn’t going anywhere and we are contacting a mechanic who should be en-route shortly”. So, we get off the plane. After 30 minutes the mechanic shows up and another hour later “It’s fixed”. Back on the plane, get settled, and captain says, “back off the plane the alarms going off again”. This flight is now cancelled. There is supposed to be another one to DFW that leaves 30 minutes after our London flight leaves. “Well that’s great, that does me no good what so ever”, I told the agent. “Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get you another flight to London this afternoon”, she tells me. So I then explain that getting to London is great but I’ll still miss the connection to Bucharest. She types on the computer and assures me that, “Oh they’ll figure that out when you get to London”. Translated that means your screwed and I don’t want to deal with this. Well, a few deep breaths later and I maintain my calm as there isn’t much I can do about it anyway. Just play it as it comes right? About the time she finishes telling me that I’m screwed and they don’t care a stroke of luck happens. Apparently the mechanic forgot to put the fuse back in the left handed blagit-whacker or some damn thing and the plane is fixed now. Back on the plane we go and as we taxi to the runway I’m looking at my watch. If the flight goes smooth we’ll have 30 minutes to make the connecting flight. It’ll be pushing it but we can make it if we hustle.

Now we turn onto the runway, engines fire up, and then immediately throttle down. We sit there for a few seconds and the captain comes on again. “Well folks this just isn’t our day. DFW is closing the landing strips due to EXPECTED bad weather”. My blood pressure spikes as I check the radar on my phone and see there is one little cloud that’s starting to build and the big storms aren’t supposed to start for an hour and a half. The flight there is 45 minutes. So back to the gate we go and off the plane. Good news is the London flight should be delayed also.

After seven hours we finally get back on the plane and take off. I’m thoroughly pissed now. As we take off the connecting flight to London takes off at the same time so we’re screwed and they said we’ll have to figure it out once at DFW. 45 minutes later we land and rush to D terminal to get ready for a battle with the new agent who could absolutely care less about anything. Long short, after a battle I win and we get on the last flight to London for the day. Of course they give us the worst seats they could possibly find. I think the flight would have been more comfortable in the toilet than where they put my wife and I but, at least we’re starting to make progress. 9 hours later we land in London. What a zoo Heathrow is but we manage to find our way to British Airlines to try and get a flight to Bucharest. Fortunately, British Airlines actually cares about customer service and gets us another flight but by this time it’s obvious we’re going to lose an entire day on the schedule.
Above is us in London waiting to get on the flight to Bucharest at about hour 22 or 23 with no sleep.

Finally about 0130 we landed in Bucharest and Horia met us at the airport. By now we are delirious but Horia had refreshments and gave us a warm welcome. We load into the car and it was a two hour drive to the hunting lodge. By the time we get there and settled in it’s around 0500 and we finally get the first sleep in a day and a half.
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Ahh the joys of air travel. Well the on and off and on the plane again certainly stinks, been there done that. Looking forward to the rest of the report!
Have Mercy Gizmo! You are a world traveling hunter!
Considering it was zero dark thirty by the time we arrived I had no idea what it looked like, I could tell it was green and there were a lot of trees but that was it. We stopped to see some of Horia’s trophy collection on the way. Several nice Roe and an enormous pig was on the wall. This was only part of his collection but was very impressive. Looking at his Roe trophies we discussed trophy quality and what we were looking for.

Mrs. Gizmo and I strolled out of bed at the crack of 1530 and went down stairs for breakfast. Breakfast was delicious with fresh bread, fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables, and a delicious spread made of some kind of fish eggs and Lord knows what else. I was glad I tried it before I was told what it was because it was wonderful and had I known I probably wouldn’t have been as open to it. It ended up being my favorite part of breakfast.

So where were we you may ask, well we were in a little village outside what became affectionately known as the C place. The name started with a C had 32 consonants and about 2 vowels. I have no idea how to spell it or say it for that matter but it was lovely. This trip was more than just a hunting trip. Horia had put an amazing week of hunting and touring together as a package for us and as it was too early to hunt we went out for some sight-seeing.

Once on the road we were treated to the most beautiful and spectacular scenery I’ve ever seen. Pictures simply can’t do it justice and you have to see it in person to really appreciate it. As we toured the area Horia and what would be our hunting guide Alein, would tell us of the history and culture of the villages and point out the best hunting areas.
Local man fishing


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Gizmo I sure am glad you were able to leave west Texas and see green stuff.....even if is for just a short while.
:A Thumbs Up::W Sniper:Now tell us about shooting stuff!
Gizmo I sure am glad you were able to leave west Texas and see green stuff.....even if is for just a short while.
:A Thumbs Up::W Sniper:Now tell us about shooting stuff!
Patience my good man, patience. I'm just about to get there but first there are some chores to do around the house as I've been gone for a week, so......... more to come!
Great report as always @gizmo. Nothing like the joy of air travel to get the blood boiling!

Looking forward to hearing the rest.
I need a hunting fix a Gizmo I'm 30 days out! Pleeeeease I'm begging ya!
Ok I'll wait while you get the wood chopped and the pigs slopped and the horses watered. Then tell us about the shooting!
Great pictures so far!
Beautiful pics! I'm sold on going there without evening hearing about the hunting yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful pics! I'm sold on going there without evening hearing about the hunting yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@reedy0312 if your serious give me a shout and I can give you more info and Horia's contact info. Feel free to email, pm, or call me.
Been waiting for this!!!

Love that you're sharing the culture Eric. Most of us around here need some.


I was amazed to see that about half of the Police in the country don’t carry guns, not because they can’t, but because they say they don’t need to as violence is unheard of.

Maybe that's proof that Hildebeest is right and we don't really need guns... :A Stirring:

. I was ready to drop kick the CEO of American right in the bean bag.

He isn't exaggerating folks. I got several texts from him about this time.... :A Banana Sad:
Royal is probably because Romania has an armed citizenry ;)

Take guns away from government and arm all citizens.

NOW your talking! :A Banana:

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