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Sep 24, 2017
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Safe hunting
I enjoyed it.

Looking forward to the next one.

Looks like they missed October :unsure:
Yes, a very promising start.
Just downloaded I’m excited to listen. It seems a lot of hunting podcasts don’t last. I hope this is good and does.
I enjoyed the ribbing that Marc Newton gave to Buzz Charlton about wearing crocs. If I recall correctly, there was a stern warning about not wearing them the next day on the grouse moors.

I see that many on here have commented on Charlton's choice of footwear, but we need a thread on the merits of crocs vs. boots for PH vs. client. You know, crocs have the old school class and are the best for when you have to take two steps quickly, but the problem is that most clients don't wear crocs enough to know how to walk in them well, so it's better to just wear boots. Of course, if you put in the time and have a pair of crocs properly fitted by an expert shoemaker, they can be an excellent choice.


Safe hunting
I am a podcast nerd. Thank you!
Good morning and I am glad the podcast is being enjoyed. It is no secret that I am a big Rigby fan. I hope to send a new one soon.

I think there are jobs that attract "characters". These characters are generally legendary at what they do, and they often do things out of the norm, which makes them and the job even more interesting. Buzz is definitely one of those characters as are numerous other PH's.

When I was a Scout Platoon Sergeant in the 82nd, We were getting ready to take over DRF (Division Ready Force, 2hr recall for real world contingency) and had a full battle rattle kit layout and inspection. The Battalion Commander (BC) and staff as well as the Division Commander were doing a walk through. The BC stopped and joked with me and my platoon and looking down at my layout, he asked "where are your socks and underwear, Platoon Daddy?" My reply was "Real Rangers don't wear socks and underwear, Sir!" And the truth is for most of my career, I did not use either. It was part of my "character" as well as an effective jungle rot precaution, and I could stomp out a fire with my feet in those days.

Having said that, it appears the crocs work great for Buzz and definitely add to his legendary character. However, I will not be trying that. My hardcore days are long over. Now, I could never hunt in crocs, and I need my socks and underwear:LOL:

Safe hunting
So we might not be seeing these offered by Rigby in time for Christmas :unsure:

mockup crocs.png
Episode 2. Enjoy!

Safe hunting
Episode 2. Enjoy!

Safe hunting
There's also a video of this episode at
Latest episode with Kevin Robertson

Thanks, great to have some new content for travel
I hope they keep going with it. It's perfect length. A little longer might be nice, though. That 45-60 min is a sweet spot. The recent one with "Doctari" was very good.

New video podcast with the son of the Lion as guest there

Just listened. Great episode. It's nice to see what they are doing with Rigby these days in terms of special partnering. People seem to disagree, though. I think its great.

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