Rigby - Highland Stalker now in .300 Win Mag

Lol when are they gonna come out with one in 6.5 Creedmore? :A Stirring:
Ergh, that is wrong on so many levels
I think it has to use a different action.
Yeah but at a 50% increase?
A Blaser is looking good in preference. I have more hope of funding a Blaser at that rate.
I posted pics of mine on a Rigby Facebook page and some guy wanted to know if it was available in 280 AI.

I think it's odd enough that they offer it in 308 Win.
I don't do Facebook today but I do like the .280ai.

Would a 7x64 be more appropriate for a Rigby?

I could accept a .300wm in a Rigby, any decent offers to trade my Tikka on a Rigby.

price aside, the 300 win is a good chambering.
as is the 280ai or rem.
there seems to be a school of thought that you are not on a safari or doing certain kinds of hunting unless you use some obsolete cartridge.
nothing is further from the truth.
the brits were trying to develop improvements until they went down the gurgler.
in those times they were limited by bullet designs that would not handle velocity well in the 280 ross.
the only way to have reliable bullets then was to drive heavy bullets slowly.
with modern bullets the 280 ross would be de rigeur with some, but the 7mm rem mag is just a better cartridge in so many ways, and also better than the 7x57.
the 30/06 is a superb cartridge within its capability and far more useful than the 7x57.
the rigby rifles look good, although you seem to pay a lot for the name.
putting better cartridges in them just makes them better rifles, and possibly more all round useful for the dollar spent.
for those who want to pretend they are lord fontleroy on safari, and can afford the money just to play such games, by all means use obsolete calibres for the image.
for those more serious about the reality of hunting use the cartridge that does the job better.
Bruce opened with a .280ai and .300wm are good, let's run with that.

You could settle on a Blaser with both barrels and still have change.

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