Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06


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Apr 9, 2013
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I am looking to purchase a rifle as a retirement gift to myself and have settled on a Rigby Highland Stalker. I have been looking at Rigby rifles since I was a child and now have the opportunity to purchase one. I am trying to decide between the 275 Rigby and the 30-06.

I currently own both of those calibers in CZ 550s with AHR # 2 upgrades so I am not looking to fill a gap. The rifle would get most use in the US as a whitetail and elk rifle with Africa every other year or so. I do reload so not super concerned with the availability of 7x57 / 275 factory ammunition.

I am torn between the .275 been the classic Rigby caliber against the versatility and practicality of the 30-06. Any thoughts from the group?
My heart says go with with .275! But since your intended use is regularly in America for elk and deer, that may mean you need to lean to the 30-06.

Then again, its a true Rigby, so the .275 is calling!!
I have a Highland Stalker in .275, so I may be biased . . . but a great gun from a great maker.

I would go for the .275 for a couple of reasons. First, it's a calibre that you can practice with and shoot all day long. The recoil is surprisingly mild. Second, the .275 is used for, obviously, highland stalking, which generally means red stag. While a red stag isn't a moose, I wouldn't feel under gunned on any North American deer, elk or moose. It's all about the shot placement.

The only advantage I can think of for the .30-06 is that ammo is more readily available, and in greater variety. If you're a handloader this doesn't matter.

I have no doubt you'll love your new rifle!
Hello roverandbrew,

IMO, the .30-06 is as others have already said, more practical.
And, it certainly would be my choice for N. American elk and moose, IF those two calibers were my only ones to choose from.
If (IF) I could afford a Rigby Stalker and again, I was choosing only between those two calibers, I’d want it in 7x57 caliber, due to the grand tradition of Rigby’s history.

Having said all that, I’d be tossing and turning in my sleep over whether or not to order my Rigby Mauser in .300 H&H.
But that’s just my odd wrinkle, nothing for the rest of the world to fuss over.

Velo Dog.
I would go with either a .275 or a 9.3x62 in the highland stalker. Either caliber would do everything you want. Given that you have AHR CZ’s in 7x57 and .30-06, why not venture out a bit and go with the 9.3? I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
This isn't a practical decision. You have an '06. Go with the .275. Classic Rigby
275...you already have rifles in the calibres so ....the only possible choice on this is the 275 ...its rigby not a Winchester...same as if I got another 9.3x62 I would love it to be in a m98 mauser...they have one of the anniversary m98 rifles here and its lovely...but it's in 30-06....its been there couple of years ...if it had been in 7.92 mauser then I would have been interested as to me would have been a classic pairing .but ..so yeah 275 :D Beers:
I have the .275 Stalker and truly love it. If it isn't, you can certainly make the argument that it is the perfect whitetail rifle. It is not, in that caliber, the "perfect" elk rifle. On the other hand, with a 156 gr Oryx load you would be at very little practical disadvantage anywhere on the mountain. Next summer mine will be with me in Zambia hunting sable and lechwe with Mike @spike.t . I suppose a 180 gr bullet from an '06 would be better on paper - but not from a practical standpoint.

Another consideration is, as @WAB suggests, the 9.3. I fills a spot that you do not have covered and is every bit as classic a caliber as the .275. :Finger:
.275 all day long and twice on Sunday!.... If your were looking to buy a pre-64 custom I would say 30-06; but as a proud American this is one time where it just simply makes the .275 Rigby the classic choice.

Especially since Hornady now makes both loaded ammo and brass with the proper head stamp; I know people used to shy away from having .275 Rigby on their rifles instead of 7x57 because of issues with ammo must match rifle stamp requirements.

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