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    RSA, Botswana, CAR, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya way back when, and a few others that I can't remember.
    I have some more guns to add to the list..too many guns, need to cull...

    1. Very rare variation of the great little Brno Mod 21 in 7x57 caliber..This gun is a variation in that it is a round top with the CZ logo, not a double square bridge and it has a longer forend with the barrel band swivel incorporated into a saddle swivel like a Ruger International..I have only seen one other like this and that was in 1950..It is an early gun made in 1946. Pictures to interested customers. $2550. shipped.

    2. Mod. 12 Win. 12 ga. about 80% tight and a nice gun..$$425 shipped.

    3. 375 H&H English rifle, feeds 110%, very accurate, my personal gun for many years, excellent condition, iron sights are on at 100 yds. I can't say enough good things about this gun...$3750.

    4. Savage 99EG, 250-3000, very accurate rifle with about any load..some wear on belly from carrying otherwise about 98% over all..$1250.

    5. Rem Mod. 51 380 ACP, shoot good, doesn't jam..98% blue and grips are like new...very flat, small and handy....$425.00

    6. Mauser obendorf style, 257 Robts, completely rebuilt to original, nice gun and very accurate, you will like this one. $1250.

    Will send pictures to interested parties email address. All prices include shipping and insurance on guns to your FFL or FFl dealer. For additional information contact Ray 208-326-4120 or 208-731-4120, or email me.
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