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Good day AH community!

This is a very exciting prospect we are excited to put forward to you all! This is the first year we are finally able to offer this hunt on one of our properties and we couldn't be more pleased! This will be a welcome cash injection into looking after and maintaining the population going forward (Rhino eat a lot in times of drought!). This is of course a very modern and affordable way to complete your big 5 and achieve that milestone. Last we had checked DSC and SCI recognized this hunt as counting towards any awards you may be eligible for as well as eligible for the record books.

This hunt takes place in the Limpopo Province and is a painless 3 and a half hour drive from OR Tambo International Airport. There are multiple Rhino on the concession (exact numbers not to be revealed for security reasons) ranging from bulls to cows to calves and you will need to stalk into close range to be able to administer the dart. Although their eyesight may be poor their nose and hearing is great and it is a serious nerve wrecker being within range of them! You will need to be roughly 30 yards away from the Rhino to be effective. Once the hunter has darted the Rhino with the prescribed vitamins, a licensed veterinarian immobilizes the animal from a helicopter, where after blood samples, micro-chipping, DNA ID’s, pregnancy tests and a number of check-ups, are administered as part of the management and well-being of the animal on an annual basis. No expensive insurance for the Rhino is required for this hunt. The trophies we will be looking to take will range from 23 to 25 inches and thereabouts. For privacy purposes accommodation pics are not attached.

You will be guided by a highly knowledgeable dangerous game PH and you will be in safe hands. Should you wish to take home more than a picture of your trophy keep in mind that the quality of fibre glass reproduction rhino horns and shoulder mounts is truly outstanding! If so let us know so we can take the correct measurements once we have the rhino on the ground.

Other species are available to hunt and just for interests sake for anyone interested this is a truly outstanding buffalo hunting area with some serious dugga boys running around.


5 Days/6 Nights
All Inclusive (Vet fee's included)

What is included:
• Licensed Professional Hunter, a Tracker, Skinner and hunting vehicle.
• Accommodation on a full board basis, incl. non-alcoholic drinks and table beer/wine
• Transfer from and to Johannesburg international Airport.
• Transport between and on hunting Area A and Area B
• Laundry service (Except on Sundays).
• Field preparation of Trophies.
• Licenses for trophies (Permit controlled animals excl)

What is excluded:
• Flight from and to Johannesburg International Airport, and any national flights from one concession to the next.
• Hard tack (whiskey, brandy etc)
• Firearms and ammunition. (Rifle Hire – €30 /Day)
• Hotel accommodation before and after the hunt – if required.
• Taxidermy, packing, insurance, transport.
• Dipping and shipping of trophies.
• Personal expenses ex. Tips, Telephone, Souvenirs etc.
• Tourist Programmes

Keep up with us on our various social media platforms and feel free to have a look at our brochure:


Instagram: bayly_sippel_safaris

4K hunt video with us:

4k Buffalo hunt video:

4k mountain hunt:

4k hunt compilation:

4k archery impacts from 1 safari:

rhino (2).jpg
rhino 3.jpg


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Sounds like a fun unique hunt at a very reasonable price! I hope someone takes this and writes a report!
Best of luck selling this!
Sounds like a fun unique hunt at a very reasonable price! I hope someone takes this and writes a report!
Best of luck selling this!
It is a great hunt! I have yet to meet a friend or client who has not said it was one of the best things they've done! Hoping to have a report for you all soon!
Good day AH community, we still have some openings in the calendar for this great experience. If you are interested please don't hesitate to drop us a message! Kind regards BSHS
Unfortunately it seems the hunting reports on this hunt for this year may just have to wait a bit! At present we have 4 Vita dart hunts booked with our various clients for this year which would have brought in much needed income for the countless activities that go hand in hand with privately owning Rhino in South Africa. Hopefully things will regain normality and we will be able to hunt towards the back end of the year or at the very least reschedule all dart hunts to 2021. We hope to see everyone enjoying the incredible sport that is hunting sooner rather than later!

Kindest regards,
Dempsey Bayly and Michael Sippel
To all those who have booked this wonderful experience with us we thank you for your patience in postponing your safaris until 2021! We cannot wait to share these memories with you and to actively be part of hunters dollars giving back to conservation!

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel

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