Request to Vietnam to Check on Trophies

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    Here's a thought!
    Actually determine if these animals are being trophy hunted or "medicine" hunted.

    So they are profiling!

    Request to Vietnam to Check on Trophies
    08 Apr 2012
    South Africa has approached the Vietnamese Government to ascertain and verify that the white rhinoceros trophies exported from South Africa to Vietnam are still in the possession of the hunters. This follows an investigation by the National Wildlife Crime Reaction Unit (NWCRU), environmental minister Edna Molewa said in a statement.

    埜e are consulting at the diplomatic level and the outcome of this process will allow us to refuse all applications for white rhinoceros hunting by foreign hunters whose state of usual residence is Vietnam, she confirmed.

    This follows an urgent application was launched against the Limpopo MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism and the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs by Jan Walters Slippers trading as Ingogo Safari's in the North Gauteng High Court in March. The application was launched as a result of the Department advising provinces not to issue hunting permits to Vietnamese citizens due to various concerns regarding illegal hunting practices.

    The applicant had applied for hunting permits for five Vietnamese citizens. The permits were authorised but subsequently not issued due to the advice from the national environment department. He then brought the application in order to compel the MEC to issue the said permits.

    The court ordered the MEC to issue the permits, subject to the condition that the Vietnamese hunters submit themselves for interviews with designated departmental officials for the purposes of verifying their personal details, backgrounds, financial ability and related information. The court afforded the departments an opportunity to once more place the matter before it should the interviews reveal legitimate concerns.

    The two departments made the necessary arrangements for the hunters to attend the said interviews, but were informed on the day of these interviews that the hunters were not yet in the country. It was thereafter ascertained by the departments that there were certain legitimate concerns. Based upon these concerns, the matter was once more placed before the court and it ordered that the permits need not be issued. A cost order was made against the applicant. The full judgment was delivered on 26 March 2012.

    * Meanwhile, on the issue of the rhino horn stockpile environmental minister Edna Molewa said that an inventory of the rhino horn stockpile in the possession of conservation agencies in South Africa has been completed, but due to security risks the department cannot publicly announce the amount of stocks being held by these agencies.

    She urged private landowners to register their rhino horn stockpiles with their respective provincial conservation authorities. In terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 it is a legal requirement that a permit is obtained to possess rhino horn. The rhino horn should also be included in a register and be micro-chipped. The public can contact the department's call centre on 086 111 2468 for further information on this matter.
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    Brickburn good post who's to say that now days a person can have a Rhino done in a fiberglass replica and the horn could be sold driving prices up and inturn cause more poachers to take risk in poaching them and I don't mean just Vietnamese everybody yes it could be a pain in the butt for honest hunters but I think it would be worth the trouble.

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