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Scope bases were Loctited on and the shit is still hanging on after the base removal. What can i use to dissolve the crap without marring the bluing on my rifle?

Thank you gents.
denatured Alcohol or fingernail polish remover works too
J, Walker Blue Label... Will do the trick and you rifle will thank you for it.
Or some of my Late Fathers homemade Grappa will do the trick. ;) It also makes good stripper for old gunstock finishes.

WD should do the trick


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I'd try acetone first and let is soften under a saturated rag. You could always scrape it off with a plastic spatula once softened
I was advised that acetone,fingernail polish remover wont shift shit. I haven't tried it though.

I looked into this a bit further and saw that methylene chloride a paint stripper ingredient will do it.

And then further to this I found that Loctite make a remover themselves. Its for superglue but cheap as to give it a try,it may do the job.


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Heat is the best thing IMO for dealing with loctite..

If "red" loctite was used, nothing short of a very hot flame (550 degrees or hotter) will break it loose..

Blue or Green loctite though will loosen up pretty decent just putting a soft flame bic lighter to it for minute or so..

Heat is also what loctite recommends you apply for blue or green..


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You dont want to put the heat directly on the gun lol... I should have been more clear in my post..

You heat up your allen wrench... then put it in the screw and let the heat transfer from your wrench to the screw...

Heat up the wrench 4 or 5 times (hold the wrench with some pliers, or something else).. then put it in the screw head and just let it sit there for 8-10 seconds until it cools a bit.. then heat it up again... repeat the process a few times.. and then try to remove the screw..

If youre dealing with red loctite you are going to need a torch or a torch type lighter to get enough heat built up.. and are going to want to literally get the allen wrench red hot before you place it in the screw head..

if youre dealing with blue loctite, a simple soft flame disposable lighter will generate enough heat.. you dont have to get the wrench red hot.. but it should be hot enough that you dont want to touch it with your bare hands (300 degrees or so..)...

If you take the gun to a gunsmith, I can almost guarantee that he is going to used the above process.. (or at least try it first before trying anything else..)...
I agree with mdwest. Ask any gunsmith, he'll tell you the same thing.
Ah its the under base loctite,not the screw holes as in my original post.Two patches of the shit!

"Scope bases were Loctited on and the shit is still hanging on after the base removal.
Wow... thats an ummmmmm... interesting? use of loctite :)

You should be able to do the same thing though.. get something metal hot (maybe a large flat blade screwdriver?).. then lay it across the scope base and let the heat transfer into the metal base..

If you have a really thick layer of it, you might have to do this several times.. but once you get the loctite hot enough, it will lose its bond and the base should just come right off..

The real challenge is going to be removing the residue once you have the base off the rifle without damaging the bluing..

acetone might do that ok.. but my guess is youre going to have to let it soak for a long while.. simply putting a few drops on it and then trying to wipe the residue off isnt going to work..

thankfully acetone should have no impact at all on bluing.. you can let it soak for hours and it should effect the finish it all..
Scope bases were Loctited on and the shit is still hanging on after the base removal.

The real challenge is going to be removing the residue once you have the base off the rifle without damaging the bluing..

And that is the reason for my original post,squares of L residue left behind.
ok.. now Im following you...

acetone should soften it up.. but youre going to have to soak it and let it sit for a while.. using a saturated rag and just laying it on the rifle overnight like suggessted above is probably the best option..

what a mess..

I HATE red loctite.. and will rarely even use blue..
For those glues that are dissolved by alcohol, I go straight to Everclear. Others are less than pure. The other thing that I've found dissolves most anything is PowerBlast.
The OP (If I read that correctly) is talking about the residue adhering to the action. Apparently (again, if I read that correctly) someone put lock tite on the BASES and tried to glue them to the action or they were sloppy in applying an adhesive to the threads. I wold start with denatured alcohol or finger nail polish remover, maybe use a real fine steel wool and Q-tips for inside the holes.
Brake cleaner will dissolve anything

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