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I’ve always been a Remington fan, the 721/722 and 700 models have always been favorites of mine. But the late production rifles sucked, I bought a varmint laminate that looked like the fit had been done by children. I hope they come back with the quality and accuracy they have been known for!
as for moving out of NY, bravo! I don’t know why a gun manufacturer would stay and give taxes to a state that is venomous toward firearms and the citizens that own them. Before I get the “not all NY is that way”, I know that. But unfortunately the state is governed by one city and it is sad because the state itself has much to offer!
They can have the highest quality current workers or train new ones --- If Remington is to improve their products, it starts with executive management. For too long Remington intentionally put out a dangerous model 700 and overall shoddy products. New ownership = new opportunity
Really hoping it works out for Remington No denying they've had their self inflicted problems in the past, but that said, I bought my first 700 in the early 70s and my latest one 2 weeks ago. Owned well over a dozen, all 700s, and every one has functioned flawlessly. Unfortunately i know not everyone has had my luck.
New management, new workforce, gun friendly state and politicians should be a recipe for success. Wish them the best of luck.
Weatherby set the example when they left California and relocated to Sheridan, Wyoming. Hope Remington can make a comeback
I’m setting up a Sheridan, Wy vanguard right now for my friends father. We actually won it in a RMEF sponsor drawing and gave it to him. With the new address on the receiver I don’t feel like I need to throw a sheet over it if I have company. Lol
Bio on the new CEO:



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