Remington 700 Safari Grade Custom 375 H&H Mag.


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Sep 25, 2012
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I know I am new to the forum. I have used this name on other forums and will prove to you if needed. I recently traded for this gun at a show. I am not a huge African hunter more North American Bears, Moose, ect. It is a 1977-78 Remington 700 Safari Custom in 375 H&H Mag. It has a monte carlo stock, rosewood end cap and bottom cap, and Heavy Barrel. It has a Leupold Vari X III 1.5-5 scope with engraved rings. I took the gun to a Cabela's and they told me it was an easy %95 gun. It has a few small indentations on wood from handling. The scope has a slight scratch or two. Blueing is great and bore is great. I have confirmation from Remington, The Remington Society of America, and Cabela's it is a Safari Custom. I am looking for fair offers or trades. Email me at I would be happy to send more pics, texts, emails, or phone calls if needed. Thanks for looking.






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Sorry I forgot to put price. I am asking $1500 plus shipping from NW Indiana. I am looking for Desert Eagle .50, Quality 1911, Or anything else you would like to offer I would look at as trade or partial trade.
If only I was a little further south I'd drop my Desert Eagle in your lap for this one in a heart beat.
Damn border...
I have had some questions about price and hstory. I had it appraised that is where I am getting price. I am going on what he offered me knowing he was looking to resell it. I got the gun from an older gentlemen who stated he was too old to shoot and he was not going to africa anymore. It looks as if it hasn't been shot much and a 95% condition for a 77-78 gun means it has had some shelf time in my opinion. I do not have the life of the gun beyond that. I did research with Remington, Remington society of america, cabelas. We are all on agreement of the gun having to go through Remington's custom shop. They told me the value doesn't come out of a blue book because it needs to be appraised since it was custom. If anyone knows more than I do I would love to have some feedback on it I am in no way a Remington 700 expert. Thanks for looking guys. I will get more close up pics when I get home from work today.
Try to place it in gun broker or and see what type of interest you get.

Good luck

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