Receiver sights allowed/recommended?

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Thanks, I have been working with some North Fork CNS and SP using both irons and the 2x scope.
where I’m located here I have used ghost ring sights all my life but on black bears at dark it’s harder to get a great sight picture 20 minutes after sunset. Any time before that it’s not an issue.
My eye sight is good considering my prescription glasses, I’ve had since grade school. Without them I can barley drive so I always have them obviously which gives me sharp eyesight.
I appreciate all the insight and Opinions on here. Gives me multiple views to soak in.
99.9% of them sit in a blind all day....not everybodies cup of tea....
Sitting in a blind even for a few hours is bloody hard work both mentally and physically especially if the temps are up around 90 to 100 degrees.
If time and money were no object , I'd say open sights all the way. If you're a working man like myself just trying to save enough each month to do a once or twice in a lifetime hunt, I'd be taking a scoped rifle. Even a straight 2x or something would be quite an advantage. Just my two cents, either way I'm sure you'll have a great hunt and probably get more shooting in than most other hunts. Good luck and let us know how you make out!!
Welcome to AH 45-75guy. If your dream is to hunt Africa with an open-sighted 45-70, I say go for it. Every hunter should hunt Africa at least once in their lifetime. I would offer this piece of advice, don’t limit your options, if you have a scoped in 308 or larger bring both rifles and let the hunting conditions dictate which rifle you should use.
I do have many scoped rifles in 308- 30/06. Being an avid handload I actually get sucked in to buying rifles just to load for them. I wouldn’t mind loading for any of the 40’s 416, 458 wm, or Lott. Even the 375 looks like some fun to load for, but as I’m setting up now I HAVE all the components to load anything I want for the 45-70.

using a 2x fixed scope I can keep my shots touching in a 5 shot group.
Peep sights I have used for years since I started and have taken many animals but TIME seems to be the one thing I have less and less of the older I get. So less opportunities seem to happen compared to when I was 20.
I’m working on North Forks SP and CNS
And woodleighs at the moment. The scope being a much easier tool for aiding in load development also.

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