RCBS Weatherby Mag Dies For Sale

Thomas G. Vogt

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Feb 5, 2010
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For Sale, 9 sets of RCBS Weatherby Mag dies. They are in their factory plastic boxes and the dies look unused. The .224, .240, .257, .270, 7mm, .300, and .340 are $53.00 per set shipped USPS in a small Priority box. The .378 and .460 are $83.00 each shipped. If you want more than one set I can use a Medium box and figure the shipping to your address. These 9 sets are part of 104 various caliber sets in both rifle and pistol that I'm going to be selling.

These WBY Mag dies were purchased by a friend of mine that owned all the rifles to go with them. If he bought a rifle he bought the dies to go with it in case he wanted to reload for it. That was 30+ years ago and the rifles are long gone but the dies remained in his cabinet. I think he might have fired a few rounds of factory ammo out of each rifle but never used the dies.

Please PM me if you decide to purchase or any questions, or if you want to see close up pictures.

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Listed 7 different dies but the photo has many more ?
There wouldn’t be a set of 350 Remington mag dies in those piles would there?
I’ll take the .416 Rigby dies.
Still have the .224, .240, .270, 7mm, .300, .340 at $53.00 shipped and the .378 at $83.00 shipped.

I'm selling all the dies in the picture and will have a list with prices ASAP. Going on another vacation from 6/8 to 6/20 so I will have it up when we get back.
Needcoffee, Yes they are. PM me your name and address and I'll get them in the mail.

Still have the .224, .240, 270, 7mm, .300 and the .378 left
Any 6.5 Remington Magnum dies buried somewhere?

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