Quality Safari in Cameroon for experienced Hunters Only

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    Hunting in Cameroon is unique and reserved for experienced hunters only.
    The diversity of the landscape (savannah and tropical forests) provides quality game and makes it very different from other hunting Safaris in Africa.
    The very praised Bongo is one of the most noble animal to hunt and is guarantied with any of the packages offered by CamSafari, a European style Safari opening in March.
    Be the first one to hunt on this land and get the opportunity to hunt Elephants, Bongos, Giant forest Hogs, bush buck, water Buck.
    Our camp is located in North of Yaounde and in between reserves and national parks, on a territory that hasn't been hunted in decades.
    Treat yourself to a one in a life time experience very different from anything else you might have experienced in Africa before.
    AGAIN I INSIST: Experienced hunters only. This is not an easy hunt for amateurs. Tracking these animals requires knowledge, patience and is very technical.

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions!
    here is my uncle on the picture with his first Buffalo!





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