Proper Dangerous Game Rifle followup when the client can't followup?

I write this from a VA hospital bed where I am recovering from a throat cancer operation. I won't be able to talk, making some folks But it is my leg that is the problem. Skin was taken to rebuild part of my throat and that included a nerve. It will improve but at present I can't walk without being able to hold on to something. I'll be using a leg brace for some time and hope to leave walking with a cane. My hunt is scheduled for Sept. 25. My outfitter and PH have known from the beginning of my situation. I expect to be at least 90% by then. I'm an experienced hunter and guide but have never hunted Africa. I will be the client there and not the hunter. If I do my job there will be a dead buffalo that puts none of us in danger beyond what is "normal", if there is such a thing. My PH will be the boss and if he says stay behind after a bad shot that is what I will do. In the mean time I will do all I can to get into proper condition to do what is required of me. First and foremost, make the damn shot.
Get well soon!

You’ll be fine. You’ve kept your Outfitter/PH in the loop so they’re aware of your restrictions and/or additional risks that come with it. For them, I’m sure the reward of getting you on your first buffalo while on your first trip to Africa outweighs the potential risks.

It’s highly possible a similar conversation was had between the PH and Hunter before this hunt, during or after. I know of a Zim PH who went out of his way to ensure an 80 something yo hunter, who could barely walk fulfilled his dream of hunting an elephant.

The PH made that call for a reason (unknown to us) and nothing we can do or say will change it. There’s a reason Guy Whittal also went alone at that wounded Leopard. Sometimes you wait for back-up, sometimes you don’t have time, sometimes your back-up doesn’t cut the mustard and you feel you’re better off going at it alone despite being undermanned and outgunned, other times you know the situation is bad and you don’t want to jeopardize anyone else despite the risks. No sense questioning the judgement call made on the ground. I’m sure both the hunter, PH and their wives are doing enough of that.

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