Professional Hunters - What rifle do you carry?

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I have a much smaller list of rifles I've seen used by PHs personally, but the these two I can say for sure and have seen in the hands of the PHs, I won't put the names down as you never know who doesn't want their info shared especially when it comes to firearms stuff:

-Zimbabwe Buffalo / PG hunt: .458 Lott controlled round feed. Also has a .375 H&H stainless Model 70 .375 H&H

-RSA Plains Game: .458 Winchester Zastava Mauser with upgraded stock, and sights.

So .458's controlled round feed bolt actions have ruled in my experience, and one .375, which incidentally just happened to be the rifle the PH was carrying the likely saved his life not long after I left. Was the first really bad charge he'd had, and he happened to pic the .375 that day, I'm sure he would have preferred the .458 but the .375 worked.

Will see what they're carrying on February's Lion hunt.
Plains Game - CZ 550 .375 H/H with 250gr Sierra Gamekings, 270gr Federal Powershoks and 286gr PMP solids.

Dangerous Game - CZ 550 .375 H/H with 300gr DGX, 300gr DGS, 380gr Rhino's and 286gr PMP solids.
- CZ 550 .404 Jeffery with 400gr DGX and 400gr DGS.
How widely available are amo for the 404 Jeffrey?
Andri Fox- DG sabatti 470 NE double also has CZ 375 H&H
PG 300 wsm
His clients- DG what ever they shoot best 375 and above, no muzzle break on anything is preferred.
PG- again what ever client shoots best in 270 or larger.

Like Jaco says a double around elephant is probably the best thing! Two PHs 470 NE and a 500 NE carried by Pieter Erasmus, apprentice PH 375, Client 416, observer 458 Lott. Lots of fire power among the DG. We also encountered lions during the hunt.
I Carry a 416 Rigby in CZ 550, loaded with 410gr Dzombo at 2520vps and 400gr Custom bonded softs at 2400vps!
Hi Johan, you shouldn't have any problem with the Hornady 400's. I get mine from Safari and Outdoor.
Thanks Doc. I decided to let sabi rifles build me a custom 404 Jeffrey. Can't wait going to get my things in order and hopefully I can give them the go ahead end of this week
Johan now that is the right way to start a new ph career!!! Looking forward seeing your custom 404 jeffery!
I love rifles too much to be restricted to only two! Also depends on what PG or DG is being hunted and the terrain/area.

PG- 375H&H on a ZKK602 Brno magnum action(with pop up peep site in receiver).
DG- 500Jeff on a ZKK602 Brno magnum action(no pop up peep site in receiver).
Leopard back-up either my 24 inch barreled BRNO side lock S/S 12ga double barrel fitted with front site and ghost ring rear site, loaded with Brenneke Slugs or my 9.3 x 74R/12ga Combination O/U.

I am in process of having my one 375(on the same action as the one above re-barreled to 404 Jeff.
You guys accept guide / outfitters rifles from non-African dangerous game? I outfit for coastal grizzly / brown bear as the day job, carry a Merkel 140AE .375 H&H, custom titanium M98 .375 2 1/4" soon just in completion. Also have used Mossberg 590A1 14" 12 gauges for camp guns, for reasons hopefully obvious below.


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Those are some monster bears Ardent! very nice!
Nice brain shot @HeinrichH! And a very nice rifle.
I never read "Safari Rifles" editions 1 or 2. Might just have to find these books.

But, apparently Boddington thought it was a good question to. I'd Like to know the thoughts of the AH PH's.

I was fortunate to meet Craig and spend a little time with him at a hunting show; and I bought two of his books to get autographed!

than I bought another, had it autographed, and sent it to Marius at KMG Safaris.
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