Pre-64 Winchester 416 Taylor For Sale

It would be hard to go wrong with a pre-64 M70.
This one looks to be a pre-war M70 by it's safety.
Also I love the .416 Taylor!

I have a very similar but post war pre-64 in .416 Taylor.
I have for sale, a Winchester Pre-64 action that McGowen Custom Barrels built on and chambered in 416 Taylor that has never had a bullet down the tube. The price is $3,000 plus shipping.

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Also for sale
Ruger #1 in 416 Remington Magnum-$2,000 plus shipping and would prefer to sell all of the ammo I have for it with it (at additional cost)
Ruger #1 in 375 H&H-$2,000 plus shipping
CZ 550 Safari Magnum in 458 Lott-$2,000 plus shipping and would prefer to sell all of the ammo I have for it with it (at additional cost)
Montana Rifle Company in 505 Gibbs with +/- 50 rounds of loaded ammo-$5,000 plus shipping
do you still have that Taylor thank you Tim
Sir did the Taylor sell thanks
Someone said they were going to send money a few days ago. I am waiting to see if they actually sent it or not. If I don't receive anything in the next week and a half, you are the first in line.

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Norma 404 Brass. A personal check is good and will clear in one day when I electronically deposit.
Thank You
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Thx!!! Let me know what I owe you...
cold and windy day in NW today may catch a rain!