Powder & Primer Deals Today

Went out of stock within 5 minutes of getting the alert! It said 50 in stock when I posted in here.
What do you guys use for finding reloading components and ammo?
I use ammoseek.com and shootingbot.com.
Mostlly Grafs, MidwayUSA and Powder Valley.
Do the "Notify when back in stock" if they have it.
Graf's has Winchester 209 primers in stock.

If anyone finds some Alliant Blue Dot, please PM me!
Nephew tells me Cabelas in ABQ & El Paso also have WW 209s for ~.$105 ea.
Midway has Alliant RE15 1 and 5 pound jugs in stock at the moment.
And rl 19
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Powder Valley dot com has FREE HazMat on orders of $99 and more!
These offers usually only last a day or two so hurry!


They offer these Large Rifle Magnum primers
I don't know anything about this brand. If anyone have used there please share your results.


  • Unis Ginex Large Rifle Magnum Primers Box of 5000 | Powder Valley.pdf
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Thanks @Mark A Ouellette! Just placed an order from them and also one from Graf & Sons - as they have FREE hazmat & shipping with a purchase of $150 or more. Was finally able to grab some powder that has been hard to find between those two sites.

Free shipping through July 7th...$75 or more
Free hazmat through July 11th...$150 or more
Primers seem to be the only thing that hasnt really caught up in the market yet...

Im now seeing most of the bullets I used to buy available again (albeit at about a 25% higher cost).. and most of the powders I buy at least available often enough to be able to buy what I need, when I need it... also at about a 20-25% higher cost..

Primers are around OCCASIONALLY.. but definitely no where near the frequency or the price you could get them pre 2021..
Powder Valley still running this deal on LR and LRM primers.

I checked on GB for LRM and $150-$200 per 1000 seems to be where the market is at. So $575 for 5000 ($115 per 1000) is a good price, given the times we live in.

Has anyone used these primers and what can you report on them?

Midsouth Shooters has a 10% off of $250 or more which expires tonight. It would depend on the powder but that could be better than free haz mat on an 8 pound jug.


  • 375 H&H Barnes Primed Brass QTY 50 | Norma USA.pdf
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