Post pictures or not?

I have closed my LinkedIn account, since I have no need to connect with the people instrumental to my previous work. It was just giving me unsolicited offers. Now I am weighing the benefits of Facebook. I thought I would post who I was, but what I need to post is what everyone else wants me to be. It is another opportunity for malware, and a huge inconvenience every time someone tries to check into my account. (I have their IP address and their street address). What good is it?
Most of the screaming nutters can not be reasoned with (like most liberals and socialists). I indulge in the guilty pleasure of goading them. They remind me of puffer fish, puff up real good and the little mouths are furiously working to try and spit out a coherent sentence
I am of an older generation, so I can say with some sincerity that I do not get facebook and the other general access "Social media". It is rather like posting one's scrapbook in city hall and inviting public comment - opening one's private life to ridicule or worse. I am only startled that the posters are startled. I personally value privacy far more than I could ever value self-generated notoriety.

I think there is a difference on a forum such as this, with a membership of like-minded people. Should some of my photographs be taken from this site, I truly could care less. I have no business to damage, and should someone use an image of me in some twitter tantrum, I'll never read it, and could care less. Though I can afford good attorneys if the picture were legally "stolen".

We all need to figure out how to respond to the virtual mob. Twitter storms are the equivalent of virtual riots. CEO's of companies, too many of whom are closer to my age than the outraged snowflakes on twitter, need to get a handle on this issue soonest. Currently, far too many are blowing with the virtual wind. Delta is a good example. Like most riots, these mobs seem to burn out quickly and move on to the next outrage. Hard to run a corporate strategy if one is constantly trying to respond to the latest twitter storm.

There are always sea changes in public opinion. I suspect we are indeed in the midst of one with respect to both hunting and guns. A fox poll released this weekend shows that a minority of the population now has a favorable opinion of the NRA and fully 60% of the population favors banning all semi-automatic weapons. That means, barring some change in the tide, something along that line will likely eventually happen. There are no results w/r to hunting, trophy or otherwise, but nationwide, few of us would agree we are winning.

Photos play a small part in the need for a strategy. But we desperately need the latter.
Perfectly said as usual. Only wish I could have said it that well!!!
I am a proud hunter but I'm selective who I share my photos with- just like I'm selective about who I share other vacation/personal photos with. What i spend my personal time doing is private.

Even though I'm part of the "younger generation," I don't participate in all the social media stuff. I see most facebook posts that people make as a sad attempt to gain self- validation from the masses.

I think it's important to be smart about what you post- know your audience. If I'm working for a boss that doesn't like hunting or guns or whatever, I'm probably not going to highlight my interest in them with that person. No need to risk a career over a difference of opinion.
I don't belong to any social media groups and have no plans to ever do so. I also don't care who sees my Trophy Pictures including my Ultra Liberal Children and their More Ultra Liberal offsprings. Anybody who wants to debate me on hunting will have to do it Face to Face instead of hiding behind their Computer
Most people on facebook are just a bunch of far left or right political nut cases. They are kind of like the medium bore rifle people. They take up a lot of press but most people buy a 270 or 30-06. Not much need for either.:p :Cigar::A Stirring:
The challene is about how it is interpreted. Before social media only likeminded folks with an understanding of hunting would view your pictures in the privacy of your home. Now on social media the audience is made up of folks who don't know enough to put the picture of a dead animal in context. So, I think a picture can be an opportunity to educate if done right. Otherwise, it is like going into a room crowded with strangers and just showing your photos to all as you walk by. I think if it s too controversial then it's better to go back to the old fashioned slide show at home!

For me, ironically it is the opposite. No one in my immediate circle are hunters and most are antis; I would never have seen such pics from my friends and family. However, seeing trophy pictures on the internet sparked a deep longing desire inside of myself to also go out to try and experience hunting. Had it no been for social media and hunting pictures being posted, I would never have discovered my passion and become a hunter myself.
Social media can be a hassle. Facebook can be what you want it to be. Just only add the “friends” you really want and are interested in, lock the account where only friends can see and comment on your posts. It can be good for keeping up with old friends that is mostly what I use it for. Nowadays everyone just reposts stuff and doesn’t take the time to write their own thoughts. That is my beef lately.
As for hunting pics I think we should all attempt to take more artistic non traditional trophy photos. It’s just the sensible thing to do.
I agree. Post it. If they don't like it, so be it. U could hand out hundred dollar bills on the street corner and someone would complain about it. But on here, let me add, I'm on a lot of hunting sites and this has to be by far the best group of people.

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