POLL: Preferred Big Bore Cartridge?

POLL: Preferred Big Bore Cartridge?

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I have developed some close friends in the PH business over the years. These are DG PH’s and almost all use a CZ or M70 in .458 Lott. They would likely love a double gun, but frankly can’t afford one.
404 doing good considering the catch all on 416's and 458's.

I would probably prefer a 500 NE, but for this poll and when I chose my next big bore, I chose a 458 Express.

Next up would be the 500NE or 416/404.
If a .416 is not a "big-bore" then transfer my vote to the .470...
Your have TWO criteria: overall utility AND enjoyment. For overall utility I choose the 404 Jeffery but for enjoyment I choose the 470NE. this is based on the actions involved. The 404 is a bolt action and loading is straight-forward no surprises. The 470NE is a double and I have no end to working up loads with the goal of accuracy per the barrel, then regulating the loads so both barrels shoot to similar spots- a life's work.
Looks like we currently have a 3-way tie.

Still no love for the 577NE.
Overrated, heavy recoil, too heavy, too slow and in many cases lacks penetration...
...not sure why i'm even lol at that ....just bought a cz-550 .375H&H, haven't even shot it yet.....so what do i know.
Other than my 45-70, my 375 was my first "big cartridge" that I think I put a little too much thought into it being an elephant cartridge. I mean it technically is but it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dangerous game cartridges and the big bores.

375H&H has proven to be a great gateway drug. It's already lead me to a .458 and soon a .416 and 475.
375H&H has proven to be a great gateway drug.
Now that you mention it, that is kind of disturbing.
Considering I didn't mention anything at all to my wife about buying it, and am kind of hiding it, kind of, maybe a little. I feel like I'm living on the edge, like I stole all the cookies kind of feeling. But we know they always find out in the end. :)
I got this under control, r-r-right? Oh, boy.
Do you iwn one?
Have you shot one with full power loads?
Nope, .458 is as large as my collection goes. I was referring to the "lacks penetration" point regarding the big 600s and 700s, not the felt recoil, I'm sure the 577 kicks like a mule.
Headed to Zimbabwe as we speak with 300WM, 375 and 450-400 double! Buffalo leopard and plains game Possible encounter with elephant so clearly severely under gunned. But my head is tired of the 470 beating it
What??? no .416 Taylor in there?????

What the hell is wrong with some people?????

:D :D :D
Overrated, heavy recoil, too heavy, too slow and in many cases lacks penetration...

Sorry IvW normally I’m a big supporter of yours but the 577NE is the top of the double market for a reason. Countless PH’s and hunters have used it on Elephants with devastating results. Yes I have shot it and yes it kicks like a mule but the animal dropped like a rock.

Funny how the win mag and lott were lumped together as they clearly perform differently. 500 A-sq
With handloads they are pretty much the same since the .458 Win has a longer throat than the Lott allowing bullets to be seated longer in some actions like the CZ 550 and Ruger No.1H.

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