Thinking out loud here - Surprising to me, but at the end of the day Vivek just might be the most electable of the bunch. His foreign policy is 180 degrees incorrect, but that can be corrected and the tech-bro VC types are well known for "pivots". He has enough of the Trump narrative (without the personality defects) to endear the MAGA crowd; but also enough good domestic talking points and the "small town immigrant made good" aspect to endear the moderates (and maybe even bring along some 2nd generation immigrant liberal voters). Not to mention being an outsider from the swamp. Aside from Desantis, I can't think of another Republican candidate who really covers that much of the spectrum. If enough of the Republican party can rally behind a single candidate, recruit enough of the moderate middle-ground voters, and the DNC proffers a detestable enough candidate, there is a chance to take back the WH in 2024.
I originally wanted Desantis to be the nominee. I thought that his work in Florida really speaks for itself. He may be one of the best policy makers in the last decade. For some reason, he doesn’t have the same charisma on the presidential campaign trail. I know it is a sad thing to say, but you have to also be amazing in debate and sling at your opponents. That’s why Trump steamed rolled the Republicans in 2016.
You can blame it on Nancy Reagan. Red was her favorite color and she always wore the color for election and campaign events (and darn near everything else). It gradually became the republican color on all networks during election cycles of the Reagan years.

Besides, red is the classic power color. Why shouldn't it be Republican!

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I was 8 years old in 1972. The Munich Olympics was my first memory of an Olympics. I quickly associated red with communism and we got robbed in that basketball game. Of course, the tragedy with the Israeli athletes started me down the road of paying attention to world affairs outside of athletics.
Thank you for the explanation about how red got associated with the Republican Party. I always thought the media wanted to associate conservatives with communism. So, 51 years later I can put away that childhood prejudice.:A Way To Go:
Strieff's latest update on the war in Ukraine at RedState. Thorough as always, the military aid discussion and comparisons are worth reading. Sadly the update is longer than four paragraphs. That will be a challenge for some, but it would be a useful slog for those who remain convinced that the US is solely or even largely underwriting Ukraine's effort to defend itself from Russian conquest.

Streiff, a staunch conservative, puts it better than me.

"There is a perpetually dishonest faction of self-styled conservatives; this would be the "freedom for me but not for thee" crowd that tries to convince the uneducated that the US is carrying Ukraine by itself. This is not true."

"This is one occasion where Europe has stepped up and showed it is serious about collective defense. The money spent to help integrate Ukraine into the European economy and forever put to bed Putin's silly demand for a sphere of influence -- where he can dictate the foreign and domestic policy of neighboring states -- shows that Europe, for all its problems, has a much better grasp on what is at stake than a lot of members of Congress."

The economic data in the article is self-explanatory - ok likely not for Lauren Boebert or Matt Gaetz.

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I hope so!!!

That will be a challenge for some
Yes, we all understand that elementary reading skills is a masters level class at Texas A&M and I only have my bachelors degree. However, I will managed to slog through it. :A Way To Go: :LOL:
Yes, we all understand that elementary reading skills is a masters level class at Texas A&M and I only have my bachelors degree. However, I will managed to slog through it. :A Way To Go: :LOL:

And reading comprehension must be at the Ph.D. level, after all, an Aggie saw a sign that said "Wet Cement" so he did.
And reading comprehension must be at the Ph.D. level, after all, an Aggie saw a sign that said "Wet Cement" so he did.
As I understand it, it's no longer "nice" to even make fun of Aggies. So in honor of that...once there was this Hittite from College Station...
I wonder what college level class is taught regarding cheap shots at people not involved in a conversation. I have a pass for cheap shots for both UT and Texas A&M.
I have a hall pass for cheap shots for both UT and A&M.

And I could not get into A&M Law today, when the entering class is average 164 LSAT and 3.93 GPA and the top quarter is a 166 LSAT and 3.98 GPA and ranked Number 29 in the US.
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Commie Joe does a prisoner swap with Iran, and releases $6 billion of frozen Iranian funds
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You all see Trump thinks Obama stole the election and Biden will get us into World War 2. Didn't that war end 80 years ago? Talk about too old to run for president.
Two photos of the "damaged" Kilo class submarine struck in drydock have emerged from Crimea. This is a pretty good illustration of what is called non-repairable. :oops: Looks like it was hit with two Storm Shadow cruise missiles or one that traversed the length with an impressive exit wound. :cool:

Destroying this sub, the B-237 Rostov-on-Don, is a pretty big deal. It is a modern diesel electric drive boat that was commissioned in 2014. Among other ordinance, it is designed to launch land attack cruise missiles and has been used extensively in strikes against Ukraine.

The extensive damage to the two drydocks themselves will also provide an enormous maintenance headache for the Black Sea fleet.

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