Just a question, but does the definition of militia not mean anyone of legal age to participate in military service. It does not say someone who is in military service.
Well, Title 10, Para 246 seems pretty clear:

The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

I guess we can have questions re: what happens at age 46, but I don't think we should take weapons away because someone has aged out...

This is worth reading. It is from the Washington Post and provides in a very succinct way what half of the electorate who are paying attention are thinking about the Biden impeachment. I am somewhat old fashion and try to get information from a wide range of sources - I don't like to be steered by a particular narrative.

Obviously, this opinion piece suffers by offering enormous benefit of the doubt to the President. Clearly, the tone would be dramatically different were the subject Donald Trump.

I also think it contains at least one major fallacy - that a connection, the equivalent of a deposit slip, has to be found directly benefitting Biden while Vice President. I tend to trust Jonathan Turley's legal analysis far more than Glenn Kessler, and he believes demonstrating benefit to the family as a whole while Vice President is sufficient to make a corruption case.

All that said, "while Vice President" is going to be the real hurdle. Biden and Hunter could sell the Biden "brand" as aggressively as they wanted during the time he was out of office. It is unseemly, but is common enough. For instance, the Clinton Global Initiative was built largely on Bill Clinton's post-presidential international stature and more importantly, the potential of Hillary becoming President. However, it continues to this day, though with significantly smaller resources due to the Hillary's greatly diminished "investment" value. But, it was and is legal.

A whole lot of people realize the difficulty of "proving" a case against Biden (though likely not Chip Roy). It is why McCarthy can not hold a vote authorizing the inquiry - it would fail.

What the inquiry will provide is a fairly powerful tool to use against Biden during the election. I would expect little else to come from it.
It would appear that Ukraine carried out a successful missile strike against the Russian naval base at Sevastopol overnight. Initial reports indicate a Ropcuha-class Landing ship and Kilo class submarine, both of which were in dry dock were damaged. Social media photographs indicate the landing ship was likely destroyed. No photos have yet emerged of the Kilo, but unusually, Russian military sources are admitting two vessels were "damaged."

It will be interesting to learn what Ukraine used for these attacks. The range was quite long and the accuracy was superb.



I think that is a spot on assessment @Red Leg ..

there is a reason they have waited until now to move forward with the inquiry.. and a reason they havent chased full blown impeachment hearings.. despite all the clamoring from the extreme right..

dont engage in a fight you cant win... if the goal is getting Biden out of office, and you dont have the votes (or the evidence youre going to need to obtain/force those votes).. you just continue to let the pot simmer and keep question/doubt in the air..

like or hate McCarthy, and like or hate the MSM.. there has always been enough of a constant trickle of biden family corruption in the daily news feeds to ensure that the overwhelming majority of Americans (both left and right) at a minimum question joe bidens integrity, and absolutely understand that hunter biden is a completely worthless human being (that, oh by the way, joe biden raised..)..

digging in deeper now was a well timed and planned initiative.. while there wont be an impeachment hearing, here we are just a little more than a year from election day, when pretty much everything that gets unveiled over the next several months will still be fresh on peoples minds.. whether you are a D voter or not, youre going to be very keenly aware of bidens "legal" but unethical and immoral actions that have occurred over the last decade..

the question is.. do D voters really care? Is that enough to have them stay away from the polls? or to force them to consider other candidates?

Sadly I dont think so...

Everyone knew Bill Clinton was a scum bag of a human being.. he got re-elected.. the excuse was "well.. he's a great president!" (D perspective).. Everyone is well aware of Trumps shortcomings as a human being.. the excuse to continue to support him is "he's being railroaded", "his own party undermined him", or "he's still a great president" (hard rights perspective).. Biden really isnt any different.. everyone knows he is a rotten to the core and corrupt person.. but "he isnt Trump!".. and the left will continue to support him for no other reason than that..

I think we are unfortunately in a place as a society where people value character, morals, ethics, and decorum very little.. as long as the person in charge (whether we're talking a president, a senator, a CEO, or a preacher) is telling them what they want to hear and giving them whatever it is they want to have, folks are willing to overlook clear problems in the interest of being able to get what serves THEM.. even when they absolutely know it doesnt serve the community at large..

Benjamin Franklin was a prophet... "When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. Sell not liberty to purchase power."

Jefferson, citing Joseph de Maistre was equally prophetic.. "The government you elect is the government you deserve."
If he’s trying to do something about it, which the article says he is, he is the first Ukranian leader to do so. Like the Russians, it’s baked into their culture.
Ukraine definitely has legacy issues from being part of the USSR.

Part of the reason I support them shifting towards the west and trying to leave that behind.
$4.25 for gas in Tucson

Commie Joe says they will replenish the strategic reserves when oil falls to $70 a barrel.
Without American energy independence, oil will not fall to $70. The Marxist democrats know this, and they don't care.

Its all part of their evil agenda.
I hope China is not using our lack of border security to place sleeping cells in our country for when the time comes.
Rest assured.. they are..

We'd certainly do it to them if they were dumb enough to maintain a completely porous border, exempt their agents from vaccinations, issue them drivers licenses that allow them to vote even though they arent citizens like California does, etc..etc..

The Chinese arent particularly good at the spy game.. but.. they absolutely love playing it in massive numbers (they take the quantity over quality approach)..
They don't need to sneak through the border. They come via student visas and Chinese mail order brides.

Unfortunately, very true!
How sneaky was Fang Fang?
How sad is this? Who is actually running our country?

BREAKING: During his press conference in Vietnam, Biden tells journalists he just follows orders from his staff.

How sad is this? Who is actually running our country?

BREAKING: During his press conference in Vietnam, Biden tells journalists he just follows orders from his staff.

Sounds like both our leaders, Turdeau and Sleepy Joe, are both embarrassments on the world stage. They are just a waste of skin!
As I sit here, on September the thirteenth, in the year of our Lord 2023, it appears the Presidential nominees are chosen. The Democrats will run a senile grifter who is a terrible excuse for a Presiden….was a lousy Senator and an even lousier VP. He should be indicted for corruption. The Republicans will run a former Democrat, big government populist, who is temperamentally a spoiled child…..and has been indicted multiple times. These 2 are the best our nation can offer for the highest job in the land. I am depressed.


Tonight is our St. Louis Big Game Hunters monthly meeting. @Jeff505 and I will present our SA safari to about 50 of our brother hunters. We will start the evening with a prayer, and a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. We will also eat red meat and drink strong drink. This should help me improve my mood immensely!

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