Please Vote for My DIY, Public Land, Muley Bowhunt Video!

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May 11, 2010
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Guys, I submitted a bowhunting video to my first-ever Film Festival (LESS THAN 14 MINS LONG), Western Hunter Film Fest 2023. It's a DIY, solo hunt, self-filmed, self-edited, no sponsors, video of my 2020 hunt for a 218" Mule Deer (the last one listed in the Amateur Short category). I have no YouTube channel and have never publicly posted one of my videos before this. I've just enjoyed making them for myself. I am SERIOUSLY BEHIND because Western Hunter had an error posting my video and every other film had a one-week head start on mine, and still I'm in 4th place. I'd really appreciate it if you could do a simple registration and vote for my film so I can try to move into the Top 3 and be judged by professional judges. THOSE THAT REGISTER AND VOTE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR LOTS OF PRIZES TOO! Last year I won a $150 Marsupial binocular pouch when I just registered and voted! My video has this pic as a thumbnail and is the last one listed under the Am Short category. Hit the thumbs-up next to it, and it should turn red and thank you for voting. Some have reported that they've had trouble getting their vote to register. If that happens, I understand exiting the site and then returning to vote often fixes the issue. Thanks for the support! I would really appreciate it. Marvin

Western Hunter Filmfest 2023.



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This contest has ended and the link to the video mentioned has been disabled. I would edit or delete the thread, but I don't see that there is a way to do this. Thank you.
I needed to finish in the Top 5 to move on to the judged round, and I thought I had that locked up. I posted it on this site hoping to get some extra votes to make sure I had enough for any last minute vote surges by the other people behind me. However, I was disappointed that it didn't appear that I got any help from any AH site members. The person behind me in the voting moved in front of my just at the deadline and my film was eliminated. Thanks for asking.
For what's it's worth, I never saw it...... until you posted up recently that it was closed. Somehow stuff doesn't pop up for me on here occasionally. I've even asked how everyone normally browses. I just go to The Latest heading. Not sure, but sorry it didn't move forward. I guess since voting closed you can't even access video from link either anymore. I am similar in that I enjoy doing my own editing etc but I do have a YT channel just most my stuff isn't public. I have it to "Link Only" so I can send to a few friends that I can watch and if I'm out at ranch or somewhere I can access.
buck, I wasn't aware that you could do that with a YT channel. I host all of my videos on Vimeo, and likewise, only have the set so that I can share links/passwords with friends but never make them public. This was the first time that I ever made one of my videos public, as an embedded link on the Western Hunter site. Once they selected the Top 5 films, they killed the links to embedded videos that didn't make it to the finals. I tried to enter their contest last year, and my experience with how the contest was run was a VERY disappointing experience. At the last minute this year, I decided to give it one more shot. They didn't have the link on my film live for the entire first week, and some of the other films jumped out to a 100+ vote head start before my film was live, and I could not really ever manage to get higher than 4th. Then, they appear to have changed the rules at the deadline. Had I know what the rules were, I think I could have probably finished high enough to move on. I'm not impressed with my experiences dealing with them, and I'll probably not participate again in the future.
I did go in and vote for you. It was a little complicated so I hope I did it correctly.
@StickFlicker AZ It's easy to lock down the YT videos. If you want any help, just PM me !
375er, That's one of the things that was very discouraging. Some people had no problem voting, but MANY spent huge amounts of time in what seemed like an endless registration loop that never resulted in an actual vote. I do appreciate your trying (or maybe succeeding?) to vote for me!

buckwild, I appreciate your offer. At some point I may decide to try a YT channel. I chose Vimeo initially for several reasons, one was that the YT videos didn't seem to have nearly the picture quality that Vimeo was offering. However, I do see some very clear and sharp videos on there now, so perhaps things have changed over the past few years. I'll look into it further.

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