Pheasants hunting in Romania

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    Pheasants hunting in Romania

    West of Romania is one of the finest destinations in Europe wild Pheasant hunting.
    • Hunting season from 1th of October until the end of February.
    • Rough shooting.
    • 100% Success rate for pheasants hunting in Romania.
    • Great birds number.
    • You can combo with hares, ducks or partridges.


    Pheasants hunting in Romania
    Most of the pheasants hunting in Romania is combine with partridge hunting as those birds usually share the same habitat. A normal day will start around 8 o’clock in the morning with a great breakfast. After a short drive of 20 minutes you will reach the pheasants hunting grounds. You will be meet there by your dog handler and his dogs. The hunters will walk in line. Each team of 4 hunters will have 2 hunting dogs. All birds that we hunt are completely wild and shooting them is not easy.

    Once a bird is shot, all hunters has to stop in order to permit the dogs to retrieve the bird.

    It is hunter choice to come back at the hotel for the lunch or have a hot delicious Romanian meal right there in the field. A decent physical shape is required for this hunt as we have to walk almost the entire day but we also have solution for older hunters.


    Although we hunt completely wild birds here in Romania is no daily bag limit, the final number of the birds at the end of the day is depending only of the shooter skills and physical shape.

    Another important major advantage of this hunt is that you will experience different type of birds during the same trip for no extra charge. Ducks, partridges, hares and even fieldfares can be added on you daily bag.

    Combine all this with a price of only 1000 euro per 3 hunting days, no bird fee and excellent accommodation and you will have a perfect trip for an avid bird hunter.

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