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    Upland Bird Hunting in Argentina: Perdiz are a bird that are available 4 months out of the year. We provide hunting equipment: dogs, ammo, guns. Argentina is famous for waterfowl and dove hunting, but we also have flocks of dozens of perdiz. Our dogs are professionally trained for these hunts, and our property attracts large populations of these birds.

    Perdiz hunting in Argentina can be referred to in different ways. The Perdiz is thought of as the most prized bird in South America, but it is also known as the partridge. It is somewhat smaller than our US clients may be accustomed to seeing. Its biological name is the Lesser Tinamou, but that is rarely used. No matter what name you use for this interesting bird, perdiz hunting is a great sport here.

    It is common for world-traveling hunters to think of Argentina as the home of amazing high-volume dove, pigeon and waterfowl hunting. This reputation is well-earned, for we do have millions of these birds available in high number for continuous hot-barreled action. However, you should be aware of perdiz hunting as another great option.

    The season for perdiz hunting is just four months out of the year: May through August. The perdiz, rather than flying in a flock of dozens overhead, prefer to take cover on the ground. They will hold until you practically step on them, then run for cover and try to hide. They also travel single or in pairs, so it’s not difficult to pick your target and focus on it quickly.

    Because of the movement patterns of the perdiz, they are hunted over highly trained pointing dogs. The dogs enjoy the hunt as much as the hunters do! Perdiz hunting really consists of walking the countryside, letting the dogs do their work by flushing the bird out, then taking your shot when you can do so safely. Sometimes the perdiz may flush and fly low, just over the dog, which can present a safety concern. When in doubt, don’t take the shot. There are so many perdiz available, there’s no point in taking a safety risk at any time. Some of our clients enjoy perdiz hunting because it forces them to become more disciplined and wait for the right shot.

    Our dogs are some of the best in the world for pointing and flushing perdiz. In fact, it is interesting to just watch the dogs as they do their job. English Setters have hunting in their blood so a lot of what they do is by natural instinct. We also give them a “refresher course” in the spring, just before the season starts. Since the dogs don’t do any perdiz hunting from September through April, we have a professional dog trainer come in from the US to practice with them and get their skills back up to 100%. After that quick tuneup, they are ready to go.

    Many of our clients find this to be their favorite type of bird hunting. Unlike duck hunting, no water or marshland is involved so there is no need to wear waders. The perdiz live in the short grass found on rolling countryside, and they are plentiful so the dogs usually have no problem finding one to flush out for you. There is really no better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than walking through the large open fields and collecting your birds.

    While perdiz hunting, one thing to keep in mind is the velocity of the wind. When there is very little wind, the birds will flush easily and sooner, so your shots may be somewhat longer. On a windy day, things are a little different. The Perdiz will hold longer, so you may find that you (or the dog) are practically on top of the bird before it takes flight. This element of surprise just adds to the excitement, which is another reason many of our clients really enjoy perdiz hunting as much or more than the other bird hunts we offer. We are sure you will love it too.

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    Must be fine hunting schedule hunting birds, what is the offer ???


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