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    While there are other that provide this service for the Forum members who have been asking for is a services being with all things you will need to check them out to se if this works for you...

    Passport & Visa Service

    You know what it's like, trying to get away on a hunting trip. There are hundreds of things to do - including checking the expiration date on your passport! Uh-oh! It's about to expire and there is no time to get it renewed by normal means. Not to worry. Here at The Hunting Report we've linked up with an expediting company that can help you get a passport, or renew a current one, in as short a time as 24 hours from the time your materials arrive in their office. CIBIT has offices throughout the country to accommodate you regardless of where you reside. They can also help you get a visa quickly no matter where in the world you are headed.

    The company is called CIBT, and I have checked them out and found them to be reputable and reliable. I recommend them to you.

    The services provided by CIBT are not cheap. Good service never is. However, The Hunting Report has negotiated reduced rates for our clients -- so you save 20 to 25 percent off CIBT's retail rates. The rates vary, depending on whether you need Standard, Rush or Emergency service, and remember, there are also regular government fees.

    There is one caveat that needs to be inserted here, and it is an important one: If you have already applied for a passport, or applied to renew one, CIBT cannot help expedite delivery of an already ordered passport, nor can it submit a new passport application on your behalf. No other passport expediting service can either. This would result in your having two passport applications in the system at once, which is not permitted and is sure to be detected. The submission of more than one application may get you placed on a government list you do not want to be on. So, do not attempt to engage the passport services of CIBT if you have already applied for a passport.

    If you have not already applied for a passport, or you need a visa, you can rest assured CIBT will get the job done for you. You can engage the services of CIBT by clicking on the hyperlink below. Or by calling the company at: 800-577-2428. If you use the hyperlink below, which includes our agency code embedded in it, you will automatically receive a discount on all services performed. To get that discount when you call, simply give the agent our code - 50092. - Barbara Crown.

    Secure Your Travel Visas and US Passports for Business Travel and Tourism with CIBT | The Visa and Passport Professionals

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