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When you’ve been in the industry for 40 years, you make a lot of connections. In our time, we’ve been very fortunate to work with truly exceptional artists who cut their teeth in our studio before launching out on their own. It’s the nature of the business, and we always wish them well. One of these artists is Dawayne Dewey, who has truly become our favorite Wyoming taxidermist.


“My Formative Years”

Between 1990 and 1993, Animal Artistry was a much smaller shop. “I call them my formative years,” says Dawayne. “We had a small group of guys that were real talented, and we did a lot of neat work.” He remembers the challenging environment, a lot of learning, and a team routinely trying new stuff that hadn’t been done before. “It was kind of my training ground – a bunch of guys in there working together, making custom pieces and new things. It was a challenging job, but a tremendous opportunity to work with Mike for those three years. It was one of the best things I got do in the business and in this industry.”

A Studio of His Own

When Dawayne decided to go out on his own, he did so with absolute courtesy and transparency. He left nothing but good feelings between us. And in the years since he launched his own studio and built a wonderful business in Cody, Wyoming.

Dawayne is most notably recognized for his excellence in North American wild sheep, as well as other North American game. He has won multiple awards in the national taxidermy competitions in the Masters of Masters division.

On top of his skill, Dawayne is a wonderful person and truly a credit to the taxidermy industry. We wish all the best to Dawayne for the work you’ve done and in your future endeavors. We are so proud that you were part of the Animal Artistry family.



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