Ordered a Rigby Big Game DSB in 450


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Jan 30, 2020
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As most of you would already know, Rigby has only ever offered the 450 Rigby chambering in the SSB configuration in their Big Game model. They are now offering the 450 Rigby chambering in a DSB in the Big Game model range, don't think it's "officially" released yet and also not on their website much like the new boxlock Shikari double but they are already available for order so no big secret to be kept.

A London best is a bit out of reach for me so I have ordered a Big Game DSB in 450 with some upgrades and extra requests. Rigby has been absolutely fantastic to deal with on this build, very responsive, happy to work with me to make sure I am getting exactly what I want and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I won't talk about costs, I'll keep that between myself and Rigby, obviously a rifle like this does not come with a small price tag but Rigby have been great to deal with and have come up with the rifle I want in a package and final cost that all parties involved are happy with.

Its a Big Game DSB in 450 Rigby
Recknagel 1" scope mounts
Grade 7 wood upgrade
22" heavy stepped barrel instead of the 24" lighter weight barrel usually fitted with the DSB configuration
And a Pachmyar large 1" Decelerator pad in either orange or black fitted at the Rigby factory in place of the usual silvers rubber recoil pad.
All other Big Game model features remain unchanged on this bespoke order.
Because of the upgrades the build time is an estimated 12 months, I'm quite happy with 12 months especially after seeing what other manufacturers current build times are.

I'll keep this thread updated as the build progresses with stock blank choices etc.

It's going to be a long 12 months!
@Aussie_Hunter, you have been bitten by Rigby bug HARD!!!! A new HS and now a Big Game within just a few months!! Way to go. Congrats!!!
I am selling my current 450 SSB to help fund this one though
I tried justifying keeping both 450's but even I couldn't convince myself of that haha

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