Opinions on the real big boys? 500J, 505 Gibbs, .500 NE, 577NE, 600NE, 700NE etc.

Shooting a slug straight up has to be a different kind of fun. Let me guess...some little single shot H&R topper?
Actually no it was my Dads SbS Spanish La Sworda. Choke barrel and all:eek: what a couple of muppets. No wonder that thing kicked:ROFLMAO:
Was not quit straight up…..put almost….
Good way to crack your collarbone. Kids get away with stuff...don't try it today!
Some claim so - I think I imagined so on the first animal I killed with one - a black bear. All my subsequent experience with them indicates they act just like any other quality solid. The head does seem to facilitate straight line penetration. But if they really caused a more destructive wound, the results would have been be very apparent on Suni, Oribi, or Duiker. But they were not - very clean taxidermist friendly .375 holes going and coming. And as I said, double lunged animals in the Nyala, sable, and waterbuck class take a long time for the lights to go out. Neither it nor any other solid, would be my choice for a first shot at a cape buffalo. I absolutely would choose the hydro to brain an elephant. In that case you either hit the brain or you don't - a solid's wound channel won't matter.
I would concure that they are really good solids but not much else.

The round plastic tip does make them feed nice and helps quickly identify them. I also like that they seem to regulate really close to A Frames or TBBC. Especially if the same brand of ammo but even if different brands clocking close to the same speed and of the same weight.

Those last two points are probably the most important;)
I know, I know, there are plenty of folks out there who will tell us that they split lemons at 100 yards with these canons; God bless them, they are more man than I am :E Rofl:

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3 rounds of .458 Lott / 500 gr TSX full power loads at 100 yards from the sticks with 11lbs Blaser R8 mounted with Selous barrel and Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24 (1" target grid)

--- the two points where my friend Red Leg and I continue to differ, is that I do not mind walking all day with a 11lbs. bolt rifle, any more than with a 11 lbs. double rifle (we shall see how this changes as I get further and further on the downside of my 65 years); and I still like a "stopper" rifle for Buffalo and Elephant ... just in case ... although I happily concede that I have - so far - never needed one...
I agree with this group as it will kill whatever animal is wearing that circle. Now you have made me want a .458 Lott R8. Darn it.
Good for you, we all find happiness in our own ways :)

This is your shoulder, right? :E Rofl: Better yours than mine :E Lol:

As said above, you are more man than I am :A Worshipl:

"500 Jeffery out to 300 yards ... 400 yards at a stretch": interesting concept. I am not as traveled as others on AH.com but I have yet to meet a PH that would allow (never mind recommend) engaging DG past 100 yards. But hey, should that next world-record three-toed unicorn pop its nose above the next ridge ;)
It's either a pussy cat and a mule depending on the day of the week. That shoulder looks nasty. Reminds me of dove hunting when I was a kid. I think he uses a Past recoil shiled and a slip on pad over whatever existing recoil pad.
Will the R8 feed 458 WM in the Lott barrel setup?
This is a great question.
I agree with this group as it will kill whatever animal is wearing that circle. Now you have made me want a .458 Lott R8. Darn it.

It's either a pussy cat and a mule depending on the day of the week. That shoulder looks nasty. Reminds me of dove hunting when I was a kid. I think he uses a Past recoil shiled and a slip on pad over whatever existing recoil pad.

This is a great question.

Yeah I had 6 rounds of five different loads, 570g TSX starting at 2150 fps ending at 2510 fps. I was wearing a T-Shirt, started hurting after 15 rounds but I"m pretty stubborn lol
In my opinion one should not force mastery of an Big Bore rifle with various devices.

It is better to select a still suitable weaker cartridge of the same caliber or one of a smaller caliber, or then to give up from hunting the game species.

Staying on topic rifles caliber 50 and above, you can use these weapons if you can handle rifles caliber 45 without any problems, and especially without a lot of devices.
I’d agree with you but shoulder surgery (might have been from being a muppet in younger days:censored:) means I need to look for all the help I can get.
I’m also sure there’s more than a few out there that are in the same boat.
Just saw this and wondered if anyone had given it a try.
Looks interesting so I might have to give it a go. Also add a bit of weight to the rifle.
They fit into the same group as a hydrolic or piston type of recoils pad. In no way do these limit or reduce your pleasure in hunting a big bore rifle. If you truly want to own and shoot them then any “device” that enables you to do so is absolutely fine. If on the other hand you are trying to match a caliber with a desired animal then anything above a 375 yes using the right bullet is not needed. Two different things. But given your senior level I’m sure you already know this
I have a .500 N.E. Double. It is a Step up in recoil!!! If I wasn't hunting Elephant I wouldn't buy one. I also have a 458 win mag a 450 Nitro ,a 450/400 Nitro,375 H&H,375 Ruger. If you want to buy a Double to last a lifetime buy a 450/400 N.E.. For a bolt gun I would buy a 375 it really is all you would need.
I know where you are coming from. I have had a 500, 470 and 450-400 all NE DRs. I decided to settle on the 470 NE, 375 H&H and 275 Rigby as my Africa guns.
A lot depends on the rifle weight and how the stock fits you and "felt recoil" is different for everyone. Here's one way of looking at it from an online article on 500NE...Factory 500NE ammunition typically produce 85 ft⋅lbf (115 J) of recoil energy at a recoil velocity of 23.5 ft/s (7.2 m/s) using a 10 lb (4.5 kg) rifle which is similar to the recoil of the .458 Lott fired in an 8 lb (3.6 kg) rifle. If you play around with the gun weight it can make large differences.

I don't think there is a huge difference between full loads in 470 and 500. If you get a lightweight 458 Lott or something similar, it can be quite nasty. Most of the nitro doubles are built with proper dimensions and weight for recoil.
You are correct based on my experience!
It's ironic on this site how logic interjects randomly about cost or what a traveling hunter should use. In general we are all participants in the most expensive hobby on earth barring collector cars, trophy wives, boats, planes, or real estate. A fine rifle is a thing to behold in any caliber and if you have the discipline to master it, take it on a hunt and use it. Shooting truly large bores .5 and up isn't easy to master, but it can be done if you're willing to make the time and money investment. I used a very fine 500j on my last safari for 2 buff. I practiced for a year with it, (I'm a hand loader), I didn't keep count but I'm sure I put 500 or more rounds through it to get ready. I only wanted to use open sights which added to the complexity and effort put forth on the hunt. It was very satisfying. Will I take it over again?..., I don't know, I have some 404's, 416's, and 375's that are dandies and much easier to shoot and carry. My goal is to use everything I have on safari at least once. This safari business means different things to different people, for me its about the fine firearms that are in my opinion functioning works of art. Big bore rifles are cool for sure (and expensive), I think everyone would agree there, but are they for everyone, probably not. I might add that if its your first time to go over, I'd probably recommend focusing on your current useable equipment, boots, binos, and physical conditioning and get some experience and success, then start making choices about big rifles and what you're going to chase next.
If you find a big bore you fall in love with go for it. Buying beautiful toys we don’t really need but somehow justify is a curse (or maybe a blessing) many of us have.
will ammo and components be expensive? Most likely - so make sure you really want it.
my only bit of advice is to shoot something similar in size/weight/recoil to make sure you do actually like that much recoil. I’ve had a few of the larger calibers and sold them - everyone’s recoil threshold is different - for me when it reaches about 70lbs in a 9-10lb rifle I begin to flinch. If I can’t comfortably and accurately shoot a rifle it’s of little use to me.
Lol…I am thankful my passions are just my family, rifles and Africa. Not cars, golf or anything else…still expensive but love it!!!
Are there any cartridges larger than the 505 Gibbs that are used in bolt action rifles or are most of the big stuff exclusive to double rifles?
There are some larger cartridges than .505 Gibbs used in bolt rifles such as .585 Nyati and much larger cartridges in single and double rifles. For an interesting read, check out Ross Seyfried’s writings on the 585 Nyati and his writings on the 8 bore and 4 bore rifles.

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