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Throughout any industry there are those who are disreputable and unreliable. There are also those who are at the top of their game. Ray and Chris Hatfield of Nature’s Design Taxidermy in Cody, Wyoming are at the top of their game.

A Destined Business Owner

Ray used to work for me at Animal Artistry, but Ray was destined to run his own business. He is a true professional who has done a great job carving a name for himself in the taxidermy industry. Ray works harder than most people I know and is ingenious about reinventing and producing his product. He and his wife, Chris, are the salt of the Earth, completely trustworthy, and have built a great client base across the country.

Ray in Action

One of the things I remember about Ray is he was always very calm amid chaos, and I believe this temperament has served him well. I know he deals with some of the biggest clients in the industry who can be meticulous and demanding, yet Ray stays calm, carries on, and gets the job done. Many of those clients I could not handle. I do not have the patience — Ray does.

The Future of the Taxidermy Industry

Folks like Ray and Chris are the future of the industry and give hope that good things lie ahead. Check out Nature’s Design Taxidermy for more information and to view their work. Ray also designs great trophy rooms. Here is to you, Ray and Chris!



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