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Jan 3, 2010
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Canada (British Columbia, Alberta), Mexico, Zimbabwe, South Africa (Limpopo, North Cape), USA
My brother and I depart for RSA on the 1st of October, beginning our long trek from Northern Canada to the hunt we won in the hunting photo contest courtesy of Spiral Horn Safaris and AfricaHunting.com. It's my brother's first time hunting Africa, and he's getting the gitters as we get close. Heck I am too. My wife was going to come if we won, however we have a young son and determined it better to bring my brother this time. My wife and I watched the photo submissions intently, initially feeling good about our odds, then challenged by all the amazing hunting photos the members here have to share! We knew we were likely out of the contest when one particular, amazing photo was submitted involving a Cougar in the mountains. Those who've seen the thread will know the photo, and if you haven't seen it, check it out it's worth your time. Turns out, the owner of that photo had a scheduling conflict and I was contacted this past winter and offered the trip. Really improved a horrible winter day of working outside in -30!

More than anything, this is a thanks to Spiral Horn and this forum- frankly it's the only thing I've ever won past a ball cap and it feels good to have done it on the merit of my favourite African hunting photo. Thanks also to Touch Africa Safaris of Zimbabwe, where the photo taken by my friend and PH Jon of me looking for Buffalo off a ridge won us the trip. Without Jon's help I wouldn't have been back to Africa for a long time and he deserves enormous thanks as well. I'll be hunting with the same big game rifle I always hunt with, which has taken from Wolf & Whitetail up to Cape Buffalo now and tons in between, my Ruger RSM .375 H&H. My brother is likely using a loner rifle, unless we decide to hunt together in which case we'll both use the RSM. Happy trails!
have a great time and post your success when you return...
Have a great time and I look forward to your trip report!
You sure to have a great time! Waiting for the pics!!!!
Enjoy the hunt, looking forward to seeing some pics.
What species are you "aiming" to get? Anything in particular tickle your fancy?
Thanks for the kind words Ardent, I am sure that you will have a great time with Louis. Looking forward to hearing about your hunting safari with Spiral Horn Safaris.
Ardent make Louis work hard! Have a great hunt. Look forward to the stories.
Showing up now should cure some of those winter blues from last year. Bring that sun screen and soak up the heat.

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