on a lighter note...

It looks like this is a break in some filming, and people are resting and having fun.
A few years ago, my daughter was arranging an apartment in a new house, I participated, and somehow I accidentally got to the floor that was used for filming some shit soap opera, since not all the apartments in the house had been sold yet. There was a break and it looked about the same. However, mostly there young Asian migrant workers chopped noodles from foam boxes.
I think it's a video game/comic book convention. Hence the OG Tomb Raider cosplay with the exceptionally accurate low-poly breasts:

The two in the background are probably trying to recreate a scene or something between whoever THEY'RE cosplaying as. You see that at conventions, it's best to pay it no mind.
I have a little idea... about fishing... so he told her she wasn't very good at haggling? I would expect something like "You don't negotiate much" in this case.
Russian humor differs mainly in that it often does not have a punchline, more precisely, it is implied. The listener must guess and pronounces it to himself. And American jokes are long, rather they are even humorous stories.
Implied or put it in yourself would be to an american like an Alford Hitchcock movie type joke. They leave the audience hanging as to how it ended.
I'm usually pretty quick on the uptake, but I had to read the prostitute joke a few times. Humor is different the world over, throw language in and it can get off the rails.

When @Vashper posts a long one I either crack up right away or read it five times and never figure it out :)
Police have been confiscating firearms today from community members stationed at blockades. Not good at all.

I'm a funeral director. There are times when families don't want the flowers and nursing homes won't accept donations. So the family says trash them. I pull out flowers and take them home. My wife always asks if I stole them? Holidays and birthdays I need to produce a receipt though.

When I lived at home did the same thing. My mom thought I was just a thoughtful son buying flowers and bringing them home, until my dad told her how I was getting them. Was never allowed to bring flowers home again.

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