on a lighter note...

Please send pictures of your widow in a 2 piece bikini and gun collection......
Never mind just send photo of your gun collection and add me to your will before you ask her. :unsure::E Rofl:

Ahh....no offense about your wife, as she is probably a lovely lady, considering we really never met.

But I have long discovered firearms are way less expensive and a whole lot easier to, "high Maintenance" than any woman.

Thereby, I don't have any such interest in developing a serious relationship with your now widow, because you had a perverbial brain fart, and she has hopefully inherited a relatively high insurance policy, that would allow me to hunt the Big Five in a 30 + day adventure to multiple African countries.

What I am asking of you is to provide and allow me to purchase a tidy sum of life and health insurance on you.... health insurance...aahh, just in case she isn't successfully in her first attempt.. . Atleast I should get a 30 day leopard and wild lion hunt out of iany severe injuries you will receive.

Should you decide begging forgiveness after the fact, rather than seek permission before your brain fart of opinionated,...aahh, it'll be okay, attitude.

I'm predominantly interested in being heir to any double rides, any 416 Rigby, 404J, 458 Lott, even a 500 cal., or those calibers by which are better for the "tiny ten" , coyotes, beaver ( four legged kind), etc..

Of course if the Misses is of the minority and likes to travel and hunt exotic game and places,..it might still be a doable relationshi. One AHer to another, i gotcha got your back. :unsure::unsure::A Outta::E Rofl:
I hope you like Weatherby & Ruger No.1 rifles. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

Actually I do. I screwed up by not buying a number 1 in 458WM for $400.00 at a gun show because I was too close to departing for a 28 day trip to Africa . Just heire all your big bores, I'll select what I can or intend to use in Africa and those few not selected I'll post up as in memoriam to you. :E Rofl: :E Rofl:
Why is divorce expensive?

Because it's worth it.

Divorce is not expensive!
As a 2x divorcee. Both ex's filed because of my military duty.

They both lost Big Time!!!

It's all about which one files for divorce (if you want the divorce have her/him (your want to be former partner) file for divorce!!!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, FILE for divorce you will, I guarantee loose!!! especially if they having a mediocre lawyer that has a business law degree.

Whom ever files for divorce automatically forfeits any and all judgements.....WITH EXCEPTIONS...to and Any provable,..Any type of ABUSE!!!

My first wife would be doing time at Fort Leavenworth prison, and my second wife would be be doing
state prison time. All because of 3 little words. I

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Hey Flyfish-
Have interest in the Chapuis. Would like to see more assembled pics if possible, i know its a beautiful firearm!
Also, could you use other ammo such as Barnes etc...
Thanks, Neil
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Also, more pics of female #2(black ticked). Thanks, Neil
hunt 65 wrote on DonPablo's profile.
Could you send me some more pics of the Dam(weight?) and Sire, front rear and side pics., looking for a smaller female, with ticking. thanks Don
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Please let me know the status of the Sako 500J, thanks again
2 more jackal , one was a big male!