Nosler partition 160gr in the 7mm mag

Put the bullet where it belongs and it will do fine.(y)
As long as it shoots ok, the 160's should perform great. The 140gr partitions are famously accurate in the 7mag, but there is no reason I know of that would suggest the 160's wouldn't shoot with acceptable accuracy
I found the Noslers were great (160 grain seemed to suit my rifle).
Best of luck for your hunt.
I use this bullet in my 7mmstw as a smaller game option.
it is a good bullet to make a bigger gun into a smaller gun.
the noses blow off, which is great for lung shots side on smaller game.
on bigger game when this happens the direction of penetration can be seriously altered.
a swift of the same weight will expand fast but retain the mushroom, and will kill smaller game as well as bigger game.
a rear quartering shot on things like wildebeest or bigger will benefit from barnes, even down to 150 gns.
Take them, shoot them, enjoy YOUR safari and report back on your great adventure.
I have never had a mid-range partition take off at an odd angle upon striking an animal. The SP does mushroom and wear away quickly, but the remaining bullet behind the partition is famous for terminal straight line penetration. I do think there are better choices today that give deep penetration with 100% weight retention, but the partition still works. You will be fine with that combination and the animals listed.

A 7mm bullet that you might consider is the Norma Oryx. Both the 156 gr and 170 gr are accurate from my 7 mm rifles and I have always thought the 170 would be superb from the Rem Mag.

But those partitions will be fine.
My brother hit a nice kudu bull with a 200 gr Partition from his .300 H&H and the bullet exited on a quartering away shot, traveled about 3 ' of meat. Yeah, sometimes the front half is gone, sometimes not. But the rear half penetrates like the dickens. Perhaps the STW drives them so fast that weird things happen. Partition was developed a long time ago now.
same thing happens in the 9.3x64 with the 286 gn partition.
drop at the shot is a much lower percentage than with some other bullets on bigger game.
yes the base penetrates, but it is usually small in diameter.
the exploding nose will damage a lot of lung tissue on smaller game, even if you hit a rib, and this can be useful.
they behave a bit the same in 280 rem, where I again choose them as a smaller game bullet.
possibly a better choice if you want nosler is the bonded core ballistic tip?
otherwise swift or barnes for bigger stuff.
You are thinking of the Accubond. Its no better than the Partition, I have used both.
I used Federal's Nosler Partition 180 gr and 200 gr in my 300 winmag on plains game, including Sable, in 2018 and it performed brilliantly.

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