Norwegian Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 Rifle In Good Condition

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Apr 19, 2012
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Good day members
I need to find a Norwegian Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 rifle ( 1895) /good replica of this rifle made after 1900 . This is for a good friend of mine who is a collector of Anglo Boer war rifles.
He is collector of firearms used in the Anglo Boer war of 1899 – 1902. In that war the Boer republics imported at most 2000 Krag Jorgenssons in calibre 6,5 x 55. Collectors say the survival rate of a war rifle after 100 years is 1 -2 %. That means that there are at most 40 Krags that were actually used in the war in South Africa. That is why he is willing to settle for a “representative rifle “ of the same model and calibre.
I really would like to hear of a member that want to sell such a rifle. Please PM me .
Gert Odendaal
South Africa
Two listings on GB. This one is at Collectors in Houston.

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Thank you , but this will not ship internationally...
The Krag-rifles sold to the Boers was assembled by Steyr-produced parts (which was rejected by the Norwegian army inspectors).

Your best bet to find on Steyr-produced unmodified one will be in Norway; but even here they are not very common. Only 33000 were made by Steyr (plus the 300 assembled by parts for the boers). Time, WW2 and the fact that the Steryr ones was considered the best ones for modification to target rifles have made them quite scarce.
I can give you contact info to some Norwegian dealers that mighty be able to help you out. Going price for a Krag M/94 in original condition is 6-800 US Dollars; one modified to target rifle you can get for free..
GuttormG, this info is much ,much appreciated. Please be so kind as to pm me the contact details, I am sure I will be able to get a rifle from a seller in Norway.
Kind Regards
What did the modification on these rifles entail? Were they convert to other calibers ? The standard Krag Jorgenson is a 6.5x55 caliber ...???
Gert, as Guttorm says, the Steyr produced Krags in original military condition are few and far between these days for the reasons he mentioned. I have tried to locate one for you but none have been presentable as a collectors firearm...nevertheless they are out there..

A non Steyr Krag will be more easy to find though..
Pondoro, thank you kindly, your effort and time is much appreciated. I manage to get in contact with the Museum of Defence ( historical artifacts) who regulate /issue permanent export permits for such rifles..since any Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 (1895) , manufactured before 1900 era that belonged /was in a historical event are not allowed to being exported out of seems there are Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 rifle available manufactured as a duplicate of a Long Krag 6.5 x55 cal in 1904/1906/1912/1917 ect available in the hands of private owners , in original condition. A good part of these rifles in private ownership has been cut/converted/ uglyfied to a worst case scenario..even a blind man would turn it`s gaze from these butchered rifles ....:cry::cry::eek::eek:
Including in this deal is a week long hunt for Impala, Kudu and Warthog all expenses free while hunting on the farm, as long as the person bring a good replica of these Long Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 cal with him to sell to the owner of the farm. Any more game shot will be on the hunter`s tab...I still think this is a great pacage...there will be a PH as assistance for the hunter available , hunter and family stays in farm house and all meals are serve and for free..drinks as well...(y)(y)(y)(y):LOL: Now, tell me where do you think will you get such a package????? And that is only to get hold of a nice representative copy of a Norwegian Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 to add to the farm owners collection of Boer War rifles used in the era of 198-104????(y)(y)(y)(y)
Okay, okay.....I will put more effort into this....and if it happens we can swap the rifle for the hunt...(y)

Is this the same farm you have this wonderful historic one week Boer hunting camp..?
Yes, you are quite correct, it is the same farm..with lots of game on....There is a wonderful hunting camp where you can stay in as well if you want to be in the veld or you can stay in the farm house....either way for a good condition Long Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 /replica manufactured after 1900 era it still is a nice incentive...(y)(y):D:D You need to export your own trophy kudu bull /impala ect if you shoot one....Impala/warthog is to hunt for free, Kudu and other species ( excellent prices) for your own tab...but you stay for free food are more than welcome to bargain with the owner of the farm as well..I will give you all contact details when you get hold of such a rifle...(y)(y)(y)(y)
Pondoro, thank you as well...I am going to pursue this option I now have from Norway since rifles from America is extremely expensive and will not be a good financial consideration. Thank you again, your effort and time spend to find me a Krag Jorgenson is much , much appreciated....(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
Pondoro, you know that you are more than welcome to join the 2018 ( 1883 Era Black powder hunt ) next year..we have black powder rifles available, you can hunt for your own tab as well the last two days with smokeless rifles..we have a PH available to assist you and outfitter to abide by all the regulations me if you are interested....(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)

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