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One of the things we fight constantly when clients are designing or creating a trophy room is windows. There is an understandable desire to want to look out and see nature while being in your trophy room or utilize natural light; however, windows are a BIG problem.

Ultraviolet Rays

The first and probably most significant problem is any window (even north facing or tinted) lets in ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays bleach and burn mounted animal trophies without exception. It happens gradually, so you do not see it, but it eventually shows itself: the hunter moves his or her animals and sees the damage the sun has done. The sad part is there is no remedy to this — the damage cannot be undone.

Taxidermy Positioned Near Windows

The animal trophy below was positioned near a widow for over 15 years. As you can clearly see, the damage to the animal fur from the sun is more than evident.


Taxidermy Positioned Near Artificial Light

The animal trophy below was mounted and positioned away from windows and under artificial light for over 25 years. Unlike the above photos, in the photos below, you can clearly see how the animal fur has maintained its color throughout the years.


Designing a Trophy Room

What we try to teach our clients is your trophy room should be an enclosed space with artificial light that can be controlled. There can and should be a place within the room where you can step outside onto a deck or a veranda and enjoy nature, but the room itself needs to be protected from ultraviolet light. I cannot emphasize this enough: windows cause irreparable damage!



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