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Dec 2, 2009
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South Africa, Namibia
Intu Safaris proudly announces a new listing of a magnificent hunting area in Zululand, South Africa. This 7,200 ha (18,000 acres) wilderness area boasts many species, among them elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo and a large variety of plains game. Both rifle and bow hunting are offered. Hunters are guided by dedicated professional hunters with a combined experience of more than 30 years, who ensure a high quality hunting experience and service. Their fair chase ethics prohibit hunting within 200m from a vehicle and hunting is strictly done on foot. A variety of land and water based eco-activities (game drives, guided walks, rhino tracking, boat cruises, canoeing, tiger fishing) are also available to enhance the hunter's and non-hunter's African experience.

The listed prices are a sample of the total offering. For further detail, please consult the website or contact me.

Trophy Fees (US$) for 2011

Blesbok 430
Buffalo – Cape 13,000
Bushbuck 695
Bushpig 560
Duiker – Grey 280
Duiker – Red 625
Eland 1,945
Impala – Common 280
Kudu 1,100
Mountain Reedbuck 415
Nyala 1,460
Reedbuck – Common 695
Springbok 415
Steenbok 280
Suni 2,085
Warthog 280 – 485 depending on tusk size
Waterbuck 1,660
Wildebeest – Black 830
Wildebeest – Blue 560
Zebra – Burchell’s 830

Daily Fees (US$)

Hunter 1x1 PH per hunter per day 360
Hunter 2x1 PH per hunter per day 300
Non–hunters - per person per day 110

Package Hunts

Nyala Package $5,200
• Nyala bull
• Nyala female
• Impala ram
• Mountain Reedbuck ram
• Warthog

Bargain Hunt $5,000
• Nyala bull
• Blue Wildebbeest bull
• Impala ram
• Mountain Reedbuck ram

Budget Hunt $4,000
• Blue Wildebbeest bull
• Blue Wildebbeest female
• Impala ram
• Impala female
• Warthogs 2x

Central Natal Battle Fields $3,600
• Black wildebeest
• Blesbok
• Springbok

Cull Hunt $3,850
• Blue wildebeest female
• Kudu female
• Impala females 2x
• Mountain Reedbuck female
• Warthogs 2x

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