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Sep 26, 2019
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My PH says that New Zealand is reopening by first of May, 2022 (ahead of schedule). We are scheduled to hunt July 4-9, 2022 or 2023. I cannot decided whether to go in a few months or next year.

I am scheduled for a Rusa hunt on the North Island and a Tahr hunt on the South Island. This is my second hunt in New Zealand (Red Stag, Fallow). Would you go now or in a year?
Go now. Very little hunting for 2 years.
If you can go now, the trophy quality should be incredible. A lot of guys will have amazing hunts after the 2 year period of less pressure on the animals.
I am trying to make arrangements for trip in July. Will know in a few days if wife can get vacation time. We are going if everything works out. New Zealand government is trying to exterminate the tahr so now may be the best time.
You may want to ask your outfitter about weather in July on South Island. I did a walk in hunt for my Tahr. They lost hunting days in past over weather and in one case before road was shut down they told me. I don’t know if a helicopter hunt would be affected if you can just wait out the weather for a nice day? I did my hunt in May. It was a cool experience to watch the tahr rutting and mine was well furred.
I have paid a hunt deposit also in NZ. I will email my guide in about 30 to 60 days again to begin the post-Covid replanning.

What tests are required for Americans and what time frames upon entry/departure? All information is appreciated.

Thanks, TheGrayRider.
NZ requires a special covid-19 form and proof of vaccination with specific requirements. See NZ site for more information. Just announced but the website has already been update to the new requirements and opening dates.

Proof of vaccination
You need a digital vaccine certificate or another form of electronic or paper document from a government health authority or approval authority confirming you have had a full COVID-19 vaccine course.

Your evidence must confirm that you have received 1 or more COVID-19 vaccines (how many doses depends on which vaccine you have received), and:
  • your name
  • the name of the vaccine or vaccines you received
  • the name of the agency that administered them
  • the name of the place where you received them
  • the date of each dose or the date when a primary vaccination course was completed.
The plan on the South Island is a helicopter hunt but there is a backup plan in case of bad weather for ground only hunt. PH says if we can get to Christchurch then the hunt will happen. He has been doing this hunt for 30 years. Looks like incredible opportunity.
Please note also regarding firearms you can’t adjust your flight once applying for your temp firearms license. Have a look at the NZ police website for visitors temp firearms license.
The trick is apply two months in advance.
Then give them 3 weeks then if you have not heard anything via email. Email them straight back. Still no word. Call police HQ in NZ. They don’t give visitors a number to call. So just Google nz police hq take a note of who you talk to and how long it takes.
Took me 3 calls from the UK this May but got it in the end. The biggest hassle is you must leave on the flight you said you would. So if your rained or snowed in it might get a little dicey.

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